You don’t love your child if you give them alcohol to help them sleep (Read more)

Most people out there are guilty of slipping in a shot of whiskey or something else in their children’s feeding bottles to help them sleep. Heck, even the one reading this might be a perpetrator of throwing in a solid one for the baby to speed up their sleeping pattern, especially if they are up to no good like going out with friends or spending quality time with a lover!

When you were a baby, your parents may have given you a little bit of alcohol in your milk every night to help you fall asleep. Now you are considering doing the same with your baby. Please don’t do it: this baby sleeping tip is an unfortunate myth that can do your baby more harm than good.

Alcohol Actually Ruins Sleep

You might remember a few times when drinking alcohol seemed to help you fall asleep more quickly. However, there’s a good chance that you woke up randomly in the middle of the night. That’s because alcohol actually disrupts, not enhances, your natural sleep cycle. This effect will be even more pronounced on a baby.

Alcohol Is Not Safe For Children

People often don’t fully understand the delicate nature of a baby’s health. Babies are so small and new that they react more quickly and heavily to substances. For example, even a few drops of alcohol might cause a baby to grow sick, throw up, or even cause death. There’s simply no reason you need to take that kind of dangerous risk with your child’s life.

Naturally Promoting Sleep

The best way to naturally promote your baby’s sleep is with an evening dose of breast milk an hour or two before they go to bed. The warmth & comfort of spending time close to you and being well fed will help promote a full night’s sleep. It will also give them a strong dose of essential vitamins and nutrients.

So please, save the alcohol for parties and keep it out of your baby’s bottle.

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