Where did Sho Madjozi disappear to? Fans desperately call for singer to come back

Fans are desperately calling for Sho Madjozi to come back after going MIA for too long. Sho Madjozi whose real name is Maya Christina Xichavo Wegerif is a hitmaker and creative artist.

She has made hits like Huku and John Cena which the latter had gone to debut her internationally as it is referring to the well-known wrestler John Cena.

Sho Madjozi was everywhere on our screens even performing on the Global Citizen stages amongst big names like Beyonce and JayZ.

Fans noticed however that Sho Madjozi has completely vanished from the public eye lately. @lekoloabemana started the conversation when he simply asked
“What happened to Sho Madjozi”

Fans started paying attention and noted that the last time she was active on social media was in December 2021 and that she hasn’t released an album as of now. She did show activity in that direction of making new music in one of her posts but that was also last year in December already.

Sho Madjozi
Sho Madjozi. Credit: Instagram/ShoMadjozi

It’s not that Sho Madjozi makes the trends all the time in social media unless you want to talk about when she was compared to Makhadzi, who is also her homegirl and in the same kind of music. Many felt that these two ladies should both be international musicians but said Madjozi is more successful because she has the advantage of being light-skinned.

Granted some celebrities unplug from working to take care of their well being and to detox from the very daunting life of entertainment and social media.

The responses from her followers on social media are both worrisome and hilarious.

Some have said she is around, it’s just that we can’t see her anymore because she is now with John Cena.

“Last time I heard, she was pregnant,” @Tomdustro said.

It’s not hard to understand why there are concerns from fans. Celebrities have been taking their own lives experiencing mental issues. It is also not hard to see why Sho Madjozi would decide to keep away from all the craze.

Sho Madjozi did feature in a track called Kunjani with an artist named Nandy. Let’s hope to hear from Sho soon as we eagerly await her new album which she hinted at last year.

Main Image: The New York Times

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