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‘Remember kids mimic what we do… what are we teaching children?’: Song accusing Kelly Khumalo of murdering Senzo Meyiwa sparks outrage.

A shocking video of school children singing a derogatory song about musician Kelly Khumalo has emerged on social media..

The video got Kelly trending on Twitter as people condemned the pupils and the teachers involved.

The students were recorded in their classroom as they sang a derogatory song about Kelly Khumalo by calling her the “Johannesburg b**ch who killed Senzo Meyiwa.”

“I hate Kelly Khumalo. She is a Johannesburg b**ch who murdered Senzo Meyiwa,” the lyrics of the song read when translated from IsiZulu.

Reactions are:

“Not funny at all, these kids don’t even know what they singing about. For a young kid to say isfebe to me is very disturbing.”

“I am not the biggest fan of Kelly Khumalo but we cannot allow our kids kindergarden songs to degenerate into disrespectful grudge songs. In any event, pirates teacher’s recording this are out of order here!!”

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