It is known that consistency is key and that will yield great results. Nothing is more frustrating that hair that is not growing but to be fair to yourself, have you been consistent and taking necessary steps into making your hair grow? No matter their race, hair type or style – all women want to know how to grow their hair faster. And girls are no different.  Here’s how to get lengthy locks – with and without braids and weaves.  

Did you know your hair grows an average of 12mm a month? Yes – black hair included. It really all depends on how well you treat and care for your hair.  Here’s what you need to know about making your hair grow faster:

Be healthy:  Your hair grows out of your body, so the healthier you are, the better.  A balanced diet and regular exercise makes for a healthy functioning body and in turn better hair.   Junk food diets and a lack of vitamins can lead to dry, brittle hair.

Trim your hair:  Get rid of dry, damaged or split ends with regular trims. Depending on the state of your hair you may need a trim every 6 weeks to 6 months, taking off at least 6mm to 12mm at a time. As your hair care routine helps improve your hair, the less trims you will need. 

Moisturise:  Don’t use “paraben” and “sulphate” shampoos and conditioners as they strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils.  Use products formulated to moisturise the hair. Gently washing your hair at least once a week will help your scalp breathe, removing dirt and grease and stimulate blood flow and in turn promote hair growth. 

Style and protect your hair:  There is no need to comb or brush black hair excessively. Protect the hair length you do have by wearing a silk scarf on your head when you sleep at night to prevent breakage of her hair when it rubs against clothing or pillowcases.  Style you hair using weaves and braid extensions that protect the hair ends from becoming dry and brittle. Note the same hair care regime applies even if you are wearing braids or a weave.  Keep heat styling to a minimum and use hair styling tools and accessories that work with the texture of hair and won’t break and damage hair.  Ensure you wear styles that won’t break your hair i.e. tight ponytails, cornrows and braid extensions.    

Use leave-in conditioner: Black hair is naturally prone to dryness.  A leave-in conditioner treatment at least once a month can assist in keeping your hair moisturised and to help keep the current length of your hair. 

Relax your hair with care: If you are going to relax, already relaxed hair, you need to proceed with care.  You shouldn’t do it too often as you are trying to grow it. Too much hair relaxant chemicals can cause hair damage and breakage. Be sure to get a professional to help you out with relaxing your hair.

 A regular hair care routine will go a long way in making your hair grow faster.

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