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Somizi Mhlongo has not held back about his real thoughts of his estranged husband, Mohale Moutang, and reports that suggest the two weren’t legally married can be explained. 

In the fifth season of Living the Dream with Somizi, the multi-talented media personality has clearly set the tone in the first two episodes now streaming on Showmax. 

Somizi has been brutally honest about what went wrong with his marriage to Mohale. From claiming the sex wasn’t good during the end of their partnership, they couldn’t resolve their issues after a fight to further claiming that Mohale wanted 50% out of the divorce settlement. 

Somizi and Mohale weren’t legally married

There were a couple of reports on Sunday that Somizi and Mohale weren’t legally married. This was explained in episode one of Somizi’s reality show which streamed earlier this month.

He meets attorney and friend Hopewell Sathekge at a restaurant who informs him the nature of their marriage entitles Mohale to 50% of Somizi’s estate. 

Sathekge makes sure to clear the fact that Somizi and Mohale didn’t go to Home Affairs and they didn’t sign any marriage certificate or any other kind of document to officiate their union civilly.

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Somizi says during their white wedding the pastor didn’t arrive with the paperwork and it was a “look at God” moment, implying this helped him in the end.

“We were supposed to sign the following week but I never raised it. Anyway in our marriage, I was always the initiator, had he (Mohale) initiated it, then I would have been sceptical. So I stayed silent.”

Sathekege explained their separation will be dealt with customarily and Somizi had to produce photos that their wedding occurred since they didn’t sign a marriage certificate. 

Somizi says Mohale will get “zilch” from him, not even a “toothpick” as he went on to joke. 

The City Press reported the non-existent marriage certificate has halted divorce proceedings, with a source claiming no one has come forward to prove that lobola was paid. 

If the lobola letter can be produced it would help Mohale’s case as he needs to prove they were at least married in customary law.  

The publication further reported that Somizi is refusing to give Motaung other available receipts to prove they were married as he stands to lose more in their divorce. 

A customary law expert Galaletsang Phakedi of Phakedi Attorneys told City Press an application for recognition of the marriage through the court is the solution in the absence of a lobola letter.  

“If the money was paid in cash, affidavits must be detailed enough to explain what happened on the day of the negotiation and the circumstances which led to the loss of the lobola letter,” she said.

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