There are ‘serious problems’ with Wuhan wet market theory

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there are “serious problems” with the theory the COVID-19 virus originated in a wet market in Wuhan, China.

“On the other hand, there was in the same city, not far from this market, an institute .. actually working on viruses just like this one, genetically engineering them, and well I could tell you more except China has banned independent investigators from actually checking the records there,” Mr Bolt said.

“But we’re still now told by some scientists and journalists – don’t you worry about all that – this virus is natural, came originally from bats, mutated in other animals, if only we could find them. And bang, nearly 6.5 million people around the world are dead.”

Mr Bolt discussed the multiple theories concerning the origin of the virus with Atossa Therapeutics Founder Dr Steven Quay.

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