The West is ‘slapping’ Putin with a ‘wet lettuce’ by ‘throwing some sanctions at him’

Sky News Contributor Prue MacSween says the West is slapping Russian President Vladimir Putin with a “wet lettuce” by “throwing some sanctions” at him.

It comes as a British security chief has urged UK spies to think about their ‘white privilege’ and have been encouraged to use their pronouns.

“This is why we are having this problem now; you know the west is slapping Putin with what? A wet lettuce and just… wringing their hands and throwing some sanctions at him,” Ms MacSween told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Those images you see over in Ukraine, and you think about the vulnerability of innocent people, and you think this is what life and death is all about.

“This is the perspective we should be focusing on and not bloody gender politics, pronouns, wokeness.”

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