The Block: Sharon and Ankur dressed down by Scott Cam in uncomfortable confrontation

The Block’s biggest season ever looks close to losing yet another team over the extreme workload, with Sharon and Ankur declaring they’re ready to “quit” after another tense day on site.

This season’s “villains” faced an uncomfortable confrontation with Scott Cam on Wednesday night over a spat with their builder Liam, eventually disappearing for hours and missing the weekly Friday dinner, fuming that “nobody here cares” about them.

It comes after the married couple spent Tuesday’s episode complaining about the show and feuding with their building team and foreman Keith, who have repeatedly asked them to pull their weight onsite to lighten the load for others.

While lawyer Sharon and accountant Ankur maintain they’ve been working hard despite their lack of experience, viewers have watched as they continue to take lengthy breaks away from their building site.

Tuesday’s blow-up even resulted in Sharon driving back to Melbourne to spend the night at the couple’s apartment.

Meanwhile, one of the couple’s builders, Scotty, revealed on Wednesday that he’s asked the couple to clean the area in front of the house several times to no avail, admitting he’s getting “annoyed” with their low effort.

As word of an unhappy worksite reached hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft, the duo paid House 3 a visit in an attempt at damage control, but Scotty’s somewhat gruff approach did little to quell Sharon and Ankur’s miserable attitude.

“We’ve been hearing all sorts of chat that you’re just not happy here, and that makes me really, really sad … So I just want to cut to the chase and find out what’s going on with you and what we can do to help,” Shelley began, asking the couple why they auditioned for The Block in the first place.

While Ankur said it was “for personal growth and a challenge”, Sharon chimed in that they wanted “a positive happy experience”, which has not been the case given she’s “cried every single day”.

Not beating around the bush, Scotty weighed in: “We also need an attitude change from you guys as well. There’s people around you that aren’t happy, tradesman.

“No one’s keeping you here. You can go, you can go anytime you like,” he said, adding that he can hear everything they’re saying via their microphones.

“We want to be here but we’ve come across some really difficult challenges that we’re trying to navigate,” Sharon responded, explaining that regardless of their whinging, they are “grateful” to be on the show.

“We are grateful to be here but it is really hard and I think that we’re allowed to say that it’s really hard. We’re not tradies, we try our best to do the best job that we can,” she said, with Ankur backing her up.

“I get what you guys are saying and you want to support us, but right then you’ve just come in and basically said ‘You need an attitude change’,” he said of Scotty’s remark.

“We’re trying to work through (tensions with their builders), we’ve had those uncomfortable, honest conversations with them also. We thought we were on the other side of that,” he added, to which Scotty relayed some of the complaints he’s heard from their team.

“Scotty asked you to clean up that rubbish out the front there three or four days ago and you didn’t do it,” he said.

“Last Saturday, they were struggling to get the TV mirror up, and you were lying there on the carpet, watching them struggle to get the mirror up,” he pointed out.

Defending her husband, Sharon explained Ankur was just having “a 10-minute nap”, welling up in tears over perceptions of them being lazy.

“It’s an unrealistic expectation of a human being to be working 72 hours … We’re not sitting on our butts doing nothing, we are trying our best.

“I just feel like our reputations are in the dirt,” she said through sobs as Ankur reached to comfort her.

While Scotty and Shelley insisted they wanted to help, leaving them with suggestions of a “friendly pow wow” to “regroup and start afresh” with their building team, Sharon and Ankur weren’t having it.

Regrouping in the car in emotional scenes, Ankur said to his wife: “I reckon we just quit mate. F**k it.

“I can’t believe they did that to us … Nobody cares about us here,” Sharon agreed as they drove off.

Elsewhere, their builders were still left unsettled, with chippy Scotty agreeing that while they need to “give them some slack”, they’re just not doing enough to help.

“They believe they’re giving 100 per cent,” Shelley pointed out.

Later that night at the weekly “Thank god it’s Friday” dinner, Sharon and Ankur were still nowhere to be seen, Shelley shared the situation with the other teams, explaining their difficulty getting through to the pair.

“It’s up to us all to really try and rally around them and get them through to the end,” she said. “They’re not really listening to us, so if you can all just be there for them and try and lift them up a little bit.”

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