Sydney trains to resume limited services; Warning of more storms for eastern states; Russia recognises breakaway Ukraine republics

Labor front bencher Bill Shorten has weighed into the ongoing Sydney rail dispute, and pointed the finger at the Coalition state government.

Mr Shorten told Today that the government’s decision to shut the network early yesterday has backfired.

He said the Premier Dominic Perrottet was trying to blame the rail union for the strike.

“I think the government had found negotiations too difficult so they just decided to blow the joint up and try and blame the workforce and the unions.”

Mr Shorten said the state government was to blame for the commuter misery

“The unions have got limited pressure they are putting on the government, but the government locked out the workforce and even worse locked out the consumers.

“It was really dumb, Rambo politics. And the big losers unfortunately are the passengers on the train system.”

Mr Shorten also said Prime Minister Scott Morrison blaming of the rail unions had been a “knee-jerk reaction”.

“He’s just looking for a fight with anyone at any time. So he’s rushed into the issue,” Mr Shorten said.

He said Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese had displayed a more cautious approach.

“Albo was smart to stay back, gather all the facts. What we don’t need in this country is knee jerk leadership.”

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