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The Wife actress Khanyi Mbau and the entrepreneur Kudzai are currently in the beautiful plains of Australia.

Mind you; the couple owns homes in both Mzansi and Dubai. They have homes on both lands as they have businesses in both places. Yet, a vacation in the heart of Australia was much needed

Khanyi and Kudzai
Khanyi and Kudzai: Image source @ Instagram

A few days ago, Khanyi posted an image of herself inside a Rolls Royce. She captioned the picture by calling herself a tangerine. In the photo, she was wearing an orange bright designer suit that popped brightly. Khanyi and Kudzai also shared a picture of themselves inside a luxurious bubble bath with flower petals.

Inside Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai’s vacation in Sydney Australia

Dinner setting cosiness

While in Australia, they took an elementary, yet captivating photo together. Khanyi was just sitting on top of Kudzai and holding a glass of wine. Their image is still and, in a way, says Khanyi feels safe and secure with him. From the photo, you can also get a gist of how Kudzai wants to give Khanyi the world.

Khanyi and Kudzai
Khanyi and Kudzai; Image source @Instagram

A nocturnal hun

Khanyi Mbau shared something rather interesting with her fans via a video she did. She defined herself as a nocturnal woman. Nocturnal animals sleep during the day and are active at night.

Khanyi emphasized how society generally criticizes people who behave that way. According to Khanyi, people are different. What works for person A won’t work for person B.

Balancing Mzansi businesses

Khanyi also opened up about trying to operate her business in Mzansi from abroad. Mind you; nobody knows what business this is. She is so private with that particular aspect of her life.

More relationship content

Khanyi and Kudzai
Khanyi and Kudzai: Image source @Instagram

After the venting videos, Khanyi shared more relationship content on her timeline. She and her man visited a 5-star restaurant. They also took stunning photos of minimalistic wall designs.

Main Image: The South African

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