Shock footage captures wild Hervey Bay brawl that left four in hospital

Four people have been hospitalised following a wild brawl on Queensland’s Fraser Coast, with the shocking incident captured on camera.

Shocking footage has captured the moment a wild brawl in Queensland’s Fraser Coast spills from the pub to the streets, leaving four in hospital.

A Kawungan man, 18, was fined over the fight, which broke out near the Torquay Hotel in Hervey Bay – about 244km north of Brisbane – at 11.49pm on Saturday.

A group of people can be seen in the footage throwing punches and kicks outside the venue as the crowd screams and cheers.

The brawl then spills onto the road before the footage abruptly stops.

Scooters and poles were reportedly thrown during the brawl and a hammer was produced, the Fraser Coast Chroniclereports.

A Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman said four people were taken to Hervey Bay Hospital.

No charges have been laid but one man from Kawungan was issued an infringement notice, a Queensland Police spokeswoman said.

In a statement on Facebook, the Torquay Hotel said the venue would now be closing at 11pm on Saturdays for the “safety of staff and patrons”.

Publican Darren Carter said aggressive and unruly behaviour would not be tolerated.

“Due to a small percentage of individuals thinking they have a right to go out and harm other people, this is totally unacceptable,” Mr Carter said.

“Thank you to our patrons who do the right thing and enjoy their night out.”

Originally published as Shock footage captures moment wild brawl spills onto streets of Hervey Bay as four hospitalised

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