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Spanish prosecutors said Friday that global music superstar Shakira would seek more than eight years’ imprisonment after refusing a plea deal on a tax evasion motion. 

The Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office will also fine her nearly 24 million euros (US $ 24.5 million). 

The singer is accused of defrauding the tax office of 24.5 million euros on her earnings from 2012 to 2014). 

Shakira rejected a plea deal on Wednesday, stating that she was “absolutely certain of her innocence” and was prepared to go to court. The deal remains open until the beginning of trail.  

According to prosecutors, Shakira moved to Spain in 2011 when her relationship with FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué was revealed, but maintained a formal tax residence in the Bahamas until 2015. 

She claims she was “not yet resident in Spain” as she was on an international singing competition show ‘The Voice’ on which she was a judge in the United States. 

Her lawyer states that until 2014 she made most of her money from international tours until she moved to Spain full-time in 2015 and has fulfilled all of her tax obligations. 

The date of the trail is yet to be known. 

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