Schalk Bezuidenhout gives Kendall Jenner a run for her money with sultry photoshoot

Trust comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout to provide some morning amusement. In a recent shoot, he showed some proper skin, pulling out a couple of modelling poses for the camera in see-through attire, or none that might leave you gasping for air.

“@kendalljenner didn’t pitch up for this shoot,” he wrote in his caption, “and someone needed to fill in for her at short notice. Don’t worry, Kendall, I got you gurl.”

In a successful attempt to leave some room for the imagination, he poses in a rust-coloured, fur-collared coat while showing off a single tattoo on his thigh, carefully hiding the rest by covering it with the left flap of the coat. Some fans have been asking what the tattoo says, guessing that it might say “Rona” – a fitting reminder of the past two years.

He is also seen posing in an all-white linen, exposing his upper buttocks while looking back at the camera from bed.

There are also a couple of sensual in-bed photos of Bezuidenhout, in which he certainly brings the heat, resulting in Netflix SA commenting: “Kendall has nothing on you!” and Tracy de Lange saying: “You did her proud.”

In some of the photos, Bezuidenhout also wears a black see-though skirt while posing against a white wall and on a staircase. In another, he has lounged himself on a blue, velvet couch with canary-yellow scatters, wearing a vintage-looking blue and white jersey while puffing on a cigarette.

With Bezuidenhout having been born in Kempton Park (which he calls the New York of the East Rand), people have also been commenting, saying that it epitomises “Kempton Tinder” and that it is “representing Kempton,” while another fan wrote: “Why…why am…why am I aroused?”

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Schalk Bezuidenhout is a comedian who started doing stand-up shows in 2011. He will soon act as Francois Jacobs’ wing-man in the second season of Op My Eish! which is currently being filmed.

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