Sbahle Mpisane opens up about her mental health challenges

The fitness bunny has made tremendous strides towards a full recovery following the 2018 car accident that almost claimed her life.

We’ve all witnessed Sbahle Mpisane’s recovery and it’s been an inspirational journey. The fitness bunny has has been featuring on the trend list since she broke her silence on allegations made by DJ and influencer, Sithelo Shozi, who shares two children with Andile Mpisane. The comments didn’t seem to phase Sbahle as she continued living her best life.

Image: Instagram @sbahle_mpisane

On Women’s Day, she broke the internet with a cute workout video, revealing her dramatic weight loss.

While her fans were still celebrating her, some followers went into her DM’s to offer unsolicited advice. This triggered Sbahle who went on her Instagram live on Wednesday to specifically address a lady who had reached out to her earlier that day.

It’s unclear what the intention was but from what we gathered, the lady is an amputee. And for some reason, felt compelled to reach out and advise Sbahle to amputate her foot so she can wear heels. The advice wasn’t well received, prompting the fitness bunny to go live as she was getting some ink done on her beautiful body.

She was quite emotional as she opened up about her mental health struggles, revealing that she’s attempted suicide twice, and is still struggling mentally. She also shared that she goes for therapy, and is currently on medication.

Trolls continued to send distasteful comments during her live, which further upset her. Sbahle was moved to tears as she pleaded with the public to understand that she’s only human, echoing the late Riky Rick’s words, “please be kind.” Making reference to the late rapper, she said trolls are probably what pushed him over the edge.

We applaud Sbahle Mpisane for speaking up. It’s just unfortunate that bullying is so prevalent in a society with such a high suicide rate.

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