Russia Ukraine live updates: ‘Fierce resistance’: Huge blow for Putin

Russia says its forces have taken control of the key location on the outskirts of Kyiv, a move that means the capital is now “blocked from the West”

The horrific attack on Ukraine has continued through Friday, with Russian forces launching missile attacks on capital Kyiv, the city of Kharkiv and throughout central and eastern parts of the nation.

A Ukrainian official has announced that Russia has also captured the infamous Chernobyl power plant – the site of the devastating 1986 nuclear disaster – in what has been described as “one of the most serious threats in Europe today”.

Zmiinyi Island, an important strategic point, has also fallen, with all Ukrainian defenders killed in the battle.

Ukraine Armed Forces revealed they were forced to destroy a bridge near Kyiv while fending off an advancing Russian battalion.

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There are now growing fears that the capital could fall within hours, with insiders convinced Moscow plans to overthrow the Ukrainian government and replace it with a puppet regime loyal to Putin.

An adviser to Ukraine‘s interior minister said the nation could be facing the hardest day in the war with a tank attack expected to hit the nation’s biggest city.

An official statement from Ukraine’s Commander of Troop Forces Yuri Galushkin urged civilians to enlist.

Today, Ukraine needs everything,” he said. “All procedures for joining TPO are simplified. Carry only your passport and identification code. There are no age restrictions.”

More than 100 Ukrainians have been killed and almost 200 injured so far, with Ukraine‘s Interior Ministry reporting 33 civilian sites being hit in the past 24 hours.

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Read on for live updates below.

EU agrees to freeze Putin assets

The EU has agreed to freeze European assets linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, three EU officials and a European diplomat told AFP on Friday.

The measures were added Friday after being raised in overnight discussions by EU leaders on a new sanctions package that EU foreign ministers from the 27-nation bloc were to validate.

‘West blocked’: Crushing blow for Ukraine

The Russian Defence Ministry says its forces have taken control of the key Hostomel airfield near Kyiv, Russia’s Interfax news agency reports.

Some 200 Russian helicopters were involved in the operation at the airfield, also known as Antonov Airport, the Russian Defence Ministry says. It also says Kyiv is “blocked from the West”.

Experts say the base could now could be used to land thousands of paratroopers into Kyiv.

The ministry claimed that 200 troops from Ukraine’s special units were killed, adding that there were no Russian losses, according to state news agency RIA Novosti.

The Ukrainian military is yet to speak about the incident – and the Russian account has not been verified.

The Russian Defence Ministry says: “The success of the landing force was ensured by suppressing all air defence systems near the landing site, full isolation of the area of military action from the air and active radio electronic warfare.”

Citizens encouraged to make DIY explosives as Russia closes in on Kyiv

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry has encouraged locals to make DIY explosives as “the enemy” were closes in district of Obolon, roughly 9km north of Kyiv’s parliament.

It came after intelligence predicted Russia to move on the capital today, with hundreds of tanks spotted approaching the besieged city.

“We ask citizens to inform about the movement of equipment! Make Molotov cocktails, neutralise the occupier! Peaceful residents – be careful! Do not leave the house!” the official account tweeted.

It came as UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace revealed UK intelligence confirmed the death of “about 450 Russian personnel” from the first two days of fighting.

“They’ve failed with their elite Spetsnaz to take the airport just north of Kyiv,” he told Radio 4, claiming Russia’s first day of operations had been a “failure” due to the staunch response from Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

“It failed because Ukrainians fought,” he said. “It failed because of Putin’s ego thinking they’d think he was a liberator, was dashed. It failed because of the lethal aid that allowed (Ukraine) to take on Russian tanks and aircraft.”

SBS suspends Russian bulletins

SBS has suspended the broadcast of news bulletins NTV Moscow and Russia Today, in a move its says is in “response to community feedback from the Australian Russian-speaking community”.

It said it is continuing to provide news and information in Russian for Australian audiences through its SBS Russian service.

Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher is understood to have called the broadcaster and made the government’s position clear on the bulletins.

“I welcome the decision by SBS to suspend NTV Moscow and Russia Today,” Mr Fletcher said in a statement.

“Given the current actions of the Russian Government, and the lack of a genuinely independent Russian media, this is a responsible decision.”

Ukraine leader blasts ‘slow’ reaction

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has spoken in a televised address where he accused European leaders of taking insufficient action to slow the Russian advance.

“The columns of tanks and the air strikes are very similar to what Europe saw a long time ago, during WW2 – something about which it said ‘never again’,” he said. “But here it is, again. Now, in 2022. 75 years after WW2 ended.”

He said it isn’t too late to stop Russian “aggression” if European leaders act swiftly, and calls on citizens across the EU to protest and force their governments into more decisive action.

“I am sure you see this – all of you, the whole of Europe. But we don’t quite see what you are going to do about this, how you are going to defend yourself when you are so slow to help Ukraine.

“I am sure you see this – all of you, the whole of Europe. But we don’t quite see what you are going to do about this, how you are going to defend yourself when you are so slow to help Ukraine.”

China’s Xi speaks to Putin, calls for peace

China’s President Xi Jinping said he supported solving the Ukraine crisis through talks in a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, state media said Friday, after Moscow launched an invasion of its neighbour.

In a readout of the call on state broadcaster CCTV, Xi pointed out that the “situation in eastern Ukraine has undergone rapid changes… (and) China supports Russia and Ukraine to resolve the issue through negotiation”.

Russia to retaliate on the West

Russia says it will impose retaliatory sanctions on Western nations after most governments rolled out penalties against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the sanctions would cause problems to Russia but they could be bridged, since the country had moved away from its dependence on foreign imports, Reuters reported.

Russian Grand Prix cancelled

The Russian Grand Prix scheduled for September 25 has been cancelled in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the sport’s owners Formula One announced on Friday.

“On Thursday evening Formula 1, the FIA, and the teams discussed the position of our sport, and the conclusion is, including the view of all relevant stakeholders, that it is impossible to hold the Russian Grand Prix in the current circumstances,” read the Formula One statement.

Anonymous declares ‘cyber war’ on Russia

Hacking group Anonymous has declared ‘cyber war’ against Vladimir Putin’s government after he mounted a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The elusive computer experts issued the stark announcement on their Twitter account on Thursday evening.

They said this evening: ‘The Anonymous collective is officially in cyber war against the Russian government.’

Refugees flee Ukraine as violence escalates

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have fled the country as Russia’s military campaign continues, with several reports of families arriving in Poland.

Civilians that chose to remain in Ukraine have been warned to stay indoors, with underground metro stations turned into makeshift bomb shelters as tanks close in on Kyiv.

Freelance journalist Manny Marotta said he walked for almost an entire day to get to Poland, describing the “hellish 20-hour journey” as “longest and worst night of my life”.

Russia stripped of Champions League final

UEFA has moved this year’s Champions League final from St Petersburg to Paris in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, European soccer’s governing body said in a statement on Friday.

UEFA also said the home games of Ukrainian and Russian club and national teams competing in UEFA competitions would be played at neutral venues “until further notice”.

Ukrainian MP on civilians taking up arms

Ukrainian MP Sviatoslav Yurash has admitted he has his personal AK-47 on hand as Russia continues its military campaign across the country.

“This is a full-scale invasion intending to destroy the Ukrainian state and take it over,” he told UK radio station Radio 4 on Friday.

“We are arming people who will be taking that fight to the Russians in every way. We are a nation of 40 million people and we are not going to just stand idly by as Russia does as it wants all across its borders.

“We will fight with everything we have and all the support the world can provide us.”

Military aged men between 18-60 have been barred from leaving Ukraine, with civilians now permitted to carry arms as the threat of a full-scale tank attack on the capital of Kyiv looms.

Reports crucial bridge destroyed by Ukraine military as Russia advances

Ukraine’s Armed Forces have reportedly destroyed a bridge near Kyiv while fighting off an “offensive group of Russian occupiers”.

In a Facebook post on Friday afternoon (AEDT), the Armed Forces claimed Russia “inflicted an air strike on units near the city of Kropyvnytsky”.

“Significant activity of enemy helicopters was noted in the areas above Vilkovo and Tiraspol.
Airborne assault troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are fighting in the areas of the settlements of Dymer,” the update read.

The military reportedly held up “a large number of enemy armoured vehicles” advancing on Ivankiv on the Teteriv River.

“The bridge across the river was destroyed,” the military posted.

Ukrainian President’s message to Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Russians to protest against Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine as Moscow’s invading forces reached Kyiv.

“To the citizens of the Russian Federation that are coming out to protest, we see you. And this means that you have heard us. This means that you believe us. Fight for us. Fight against war,” Zelensky said on Friday morning local time, switching into Russian in a video address.

He accused Russian forces of targeting civilian areas and praised his countrymen for their “heroism”.

“They say that civilian objects are not a target for them. But this is another lie of theirs. In reality, they do not distinguish between areas in which they operate,” Zelensky said in a video.

“Ukrainians are demonstrating heroism,” he said, adding that “all our forces are doing everything possible” to protect people.

He also had a message for Putin.

“Russia will have to talk to us sooner or later. Talk about how to end the fighting and stop this invasion. The sooner the conversation begins, the less losses there will be for Russia itself.”

Foreign minister gives update on ‘brutal war of aggression’

Ukraine foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba says the capital city of Kyiv has not experienced “anything like this” since WWII when it was attacked by Nazi Germany in 1941.

Mr Kuleba has been providing regular updates on the situation on the ground on Twitter, presenting his five demands to the West to repel Russia’s invasion.

In a phone call to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday, Mr Kuleba was informed of new sanctions imposed on Russia by the US.

He described Putin’s latest move as a “brutal war of aggression against Ukraine”.

“The Secretary informed me on the new US sanctions on Russia, as well as plans to deliver new defensive weapons to help Ukraine defend itself. Ukraine holds ground. We need the world to help us,” Mr Kuleba said.

Explosions rock Ukraine’s capital city

Ukrainian officials have reported a military base in Brovary just outside the nation’s capital was hit by Russian cruise missiles.

The attack reportedly left six people dead.

Ukraine‘s Unian news agency reported former deputy interior minister Anton Herashchenko saying he heard two blasts in central Kyiv early on Friday morning local time.

It came as an official with the Ukrainian interior ministry claimed Russian aircraft was shot down over the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv.

Invading Russian forces pressed deep into Ukraine on Friday as deadly battles reached the outskirts of Kyiv and the West responded with punishing sanctions.

On Thursday, Russia’s paratroopers wrested control of the Gostomel airfield, on the northwestern outskirts of Kyiv, after swooping in with helicopters and jets from the direction of Belarus.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Friday that Russian “sabotage groups” have entered Kyiv and urged citizens to remain vigilant.

French President Emmanuel Macron revealed he has phoned Vladimir Putin to ask him to stop military operations immediatelty.

Macron said the call was “frank, direct and quick”.

“It was also to ask him to discuss with President Zelensky, who had requested that, because he could not reach him,” Macron said after an EU summit in Brussels.

Explosions rock Ukraine’s capital city

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned Russian president Vladimir Putin will likely attempt to overthrow the Ukrainian government.

Mr Blinken said he was “convinced” this was Putin’s intention given the nature of the attack, as troops begin to descend on Kyiv.

“An attack on one member of NATO is an attack on all members of NATO,” he said.

“The President’s been very clear that we will defend every inch of Nato territory. I think that’s the most powerful deterrent against President Putin going beyond Ukraine.”

‘Fierce resistance’: Huge blow for Russia

The invasion of Ukraine is not going as well for Russia as Vladimir Putin likely hoped, according to a new intelligence update from the UK’s Defence Ministry.

The update included a recap of things we already know – including the fall of Chernobyl and the plight of employees being held hostage – but also revealed some positive signs in the fight against Moscow.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reportedly halted Russia’s advance towards Cherihiv,” the statement reads.

“Fighting probably continues on the outskirts of the city.

“It is unlikely that Russia has achieved its planned day one military objectives.

Ukrainian forces have presented fierce resistance across all axes of Russia’s advance.”

And in more bad news for Moscow, the Ukrainian government says an airport close to Kyiv has been reclaimed by Ukrainian forces after earlier falling into Russian hands.

Antonov Airport, located 32km north of the capital, in the town of Hostomel, had been targeted due to the strategic advantage of being located so close to Kyiv, which would allow Russia to more easily send troops and equipment to the city.

But while Russian troops were earlier seen patrolling the site, the Ukrainian government has since confirmed it has been recaptured, with Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko claiming Russian forces had been pushed back.

Ukraine’s National Guard also shared a moving photo on Twitter of three young soldiers proudly holding up a torn and bullet-ridden Ukrainian flag, celebrating the victory.

“Guardsmen with their flag, torn to pieces after today’s battle,” the caption reads.

“Congratulations to all of you and say that we will win!”

French President blasts ‘complicit’ Belarus

French President Emmanuel Macron has blasted the European country of Belarus, claiming it has been “complicit” in Russia’s attack and promising it too will be hit with sanctions.

“We have decided to inflict severe costs upon Moscow, on different sectors, on different persons. Further measures at a government level will be taken,” he said.

“Belarus is complicit in this offensive, so they will also be targeted in these measures. I wanted to underscore that because of what’s been happening over the last few weeks.”

EU agrees on Russia ‘sanctions that bite’

EU leaders have agreed to punish Russia with “severe sanctions” over its decision to invade Ukraine, targeting the country’s financial, energy and transport sectors.

We need sanctions that bite,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said before heading into the emergency meeting.

The leaders quickly agreed “further restrictive measures that will impose massive and severe consequences on Russia for its action”.

Summit conclusions published at the start of the meeting said “these sanctions cover the financial sector, the energy and transport sectors, dual-use goods as well as export and export financing, visa policy,” as well as adding more Russian individuals to an EU travel ban and asset freeze list.

The sanctions will come into effect once legal texts are drawn up then formally approved by member states’ foreign ministers and published in the EU’s official journal.

This could happen within the next few days.

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen told a media conference afterwards they “will have maximum impact on the Russian economy and the political elite”.

Von der Leyen said the packet of sanctions — the second adopted this week by the EU — is “targeting 70 percent of the Russian banking market, but also key state-owned companies including the field of defence”.

She did not go into details, but a list drawn up by her commission, seen by AFP, proposed adding two Russian private banks — Alfa Bank and Bank Otkritie — to entities sanctioned by the EU.

Von der Leyen said the measures “will increase Russia’s borrowing costs, raise inflation and gradually erode Russia’s industrial base”.

An export ban on aircraft and plane parts to Russian airlines would also “degrade a key sector of Russia’s economy and the country’s connectivity,” von der Leyen said.

14yo boy among Ukrainian fatalities

A teenage boy is among the 137 Ukrainian fatalities confirmed by officials today.

According to police reports shared by adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister Anton Gerashchenko, the 14-year-old died after shelling hit near his home in Chuguev in the nation’s east.

Six cities in Russia’s firing line

Six major Ukrainian cities are expected to be targeted within hours as part of an early-morning strike by Russian forces.

That’s according to the Ukrainian military, which claimed Sumy, Chernihiv, Kherson, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, and Kharkiv could soon be attacked.

The bases and ports of Odessa and the Black Sea are being defended by Ukrainian troops.

All defenders dead as Russia seizes island

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has confirmed that Zmiinyi Island – also known as Snake Island – has fallen to Russian forces, with all defenders killed in the desperate battle.

The tiny island, located in the Black Sea in the Odessa region, plays an important role in delimiting Ukrainian territorial waters.

Mr Zelensky paid tribute to those killed in the invasion.

“All the defenders of the island of Zmiinyi died, but did not surrender,” Mr Zelensky said.

“All of them will be named Heroes of Ukraine.”

According to Olexander Scherba, who served as Ukraine’s Ambassador to Austria from 2014-2021, there are reports that around 11 female soldiers died on the island after Vladimir Putin’s missile hit their barracks.

Audio reportedly captured shortly before the bloody attack shows Ukrainian soldiers remained defiant despite the overwhelming odds against them.

According to a translation shared by BuzzFeed correspondent Christopher Miller, who spent 11 years based in Ukraine and eastern Europe, Russians forces ordered the defenders to surrender.

“This is a Russian warship. I propose you lay down arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary victims. Otherwise, you’ll be bombed,” the Russians said.

The Ukrainian response was simple, and powerful: “Russian warship, go f*ck yourself”.

Chernobyl staff ‘held hostage’

Disturbing reports are emerging that employees at the Chernobyl power plant – which was earlier seized by Russian forces – are being held hostage at the site.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the US was “outraged” by the “credible reports”.

“This unlawful and dangerous hostage-taking, which could up-end routine civil service efforts required to maintain and protect the nuclear waste facilities, is obviously incredibly alarming and very concerning,” she said.

Australia reveals more sanctions

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has followed the US’ lead by announcing further sanctions against Russia.

“We continue to be extremely concerned with the terrible violence we have seen inflicted on the people of Ukraine by Russia, unwarranted, unprovoked,” Mr Morrison said on Friday.

“Today, Australia will be imposing further sanctions on oligarchs whose economic weight is of strategic significance.

“We have already announced two rounds of sanctions targeting fresh individuals, banks and companies and we have also seen overnight the latest measures announced by our key partners, including the United States and the United Kingdom as well as strong statements from Japan and South Korea.”

Australia will also send “nonlethal” military equipment and medical supplies to Ukraine.

PM lashes China

Scott Morrison also hit out at China in today’s address amid reports Beijing has reduced restrictions on the trade of wheat from Russia.

“At a time when Australia, together with the United Kingdom, together with the United States and Europe and Japan, are acting to cut off Russia, the Chinese government are following through on easing trade restrictions with Russia. That is simply unacceptable,” the PM said.

“China seeks to play a positive role in world affairs. They say they seek peace and I welcome those sentiments and I welcome their comments which talk about trying to get to a position where these violent acts can cease.

“But that said, you don’t go and throw a lifeline to Russia in the middle of a period when they are invading another country.

“I would urge all nations decide this is not a time to be easing trade restrictions with Russia. We should all be doing the exact opposite.”

Shock as Russia captures Chernobyl

The Chernobyl power plant has been captured by Russia following a “fierce” battle as the assault on Ukraine continues.

It is understood Russia wants control of the plant in order to send the message to NATO not to intervene.

It is also a strategically important location for Moscow, as it is located along the fastest route from Russia to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

The site is just 150 kilometres north of Kyiv, near the border with Belarus, and sources believe Moscow intends to take Kyiv within hours and replace the government with a puppet regime.

The grim news was confirmed by Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak.

“It is impossible to say the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is safe after a totally pointless attack by the Russians,” he said.

“This is one of the most serious threats in Europe today.”

Russian troops had been seen gathering at the Chernobyl “exclusion zone” yesterday before the assault began.

Disturbing images of tanks rolling through the nearby town of Pripyat have begun circulating on social media, and US President Joe Biden said during a live address that the fall of Chernobyl and the wider invasion was a “brutal assault on the people of Ukraine without justification”.

Ukrainian President ‘target number one’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says he is Russia’s “target No. 1” – and that “sabotage groups” have already entered the capital.

Speaking via video, Mr Zelensky – who is currently sheltering in a government quarter with other officials – said Russian forces had already infiltrated Kyiv.

“According to our information, the enemy marked me as target No. 1, my family, as target No. 2,” he said.

“They want to destroy Ukraine politically by destroying the head of state.

“We have information that enemy sabotage groups have entered Kyiv.”

Death toll soars to 137

In a video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has confirmed the grim news that the Ukrainian death toll has risen significantly, with 137 civilians and troops killed.

Mr Zelensky described the fallen as “heroes” and said there were also hundreds of injuries.

“They’re killing people and turning peaceful cities into military targets. It’s foul and will never be forgiven,” he said.

Men aged 18-60 banned from leaving Ukraine

As Russia began its assault on the Ukraine yesterday, Preisdent Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared martial law and cut diplomatic ties with Moscow.

This means Ukraine’s military is now in control of the country, with the introduction of marital law meaning certain citizens are temporarily restricted from leaving the country.

Daniil Menshikov, the head of Lviv’s regional customs, announced this means male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 will be temporarily blocked from leaving the country.

Mr Zelensky announced he would introduce the conscription of reservists on Tuesday, but at the time said there was no need for “general mobilisation”.

“As the supreme commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Ukraine, I issued a decree on the conscription of reservists during a special period,” he said.

“We must increase the readiness of the Ukrainian army for all possible changes in the operational situation.”

The maximum service period is one year.

Kyiv could fall within hours

Bloomberg is reporting that the Ukrainian capital could fall to Russian forces within hours, after a top intelligence source claimed Ukraine’s air defences have been virtually wiped out.

The insider claimed Russian troops were marching towards Ukraine down both sides of the Dnieper river and that Moscow had control of a string of strategic airfields, which could be used to get more personnel into the nation.

It is believed Putin aims to remove the Ukrainian government and replace it with a puppet regime under Moscow’s control.

That was backed up by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who revealed “all evidence suggests that Russia intends to encircle and threaten Kyiv, and we believe Moscow has developed plans to inflict widespread human rights abuses – and potentially worse – on the Ukrainian people.”.

“Russia’s actions are an affront to democracy, to human rights, to human decency,” he said.

Dramatic scenes as thousands flee Kyiv

Thousands of Kyiv residents have already fled the capital, with photos capturing intense traffic leaving the city.

Heartbreaking pictures also show countless residents seeking shelter in subway stations as the assault continues.

‘Straight to hell’: Furious spray at ‘war criminal’ Putin

Ukraine’s UN ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya has lashed Vladimir Putin and directly confronted his Russian counterpart in a furious tirade.

The showdown happened during an emergency UN meeting, when Mr Kyslytsya appealed to Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, urging him to call his government and halt the invasion.

Mr Kyslytsya later told Mr Nebenzia to give up his duties as the chairman of the meeting, and condemned Russian leader Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal”.

“There is no purgatory for war criminals. They go straight to hell, Ambassador,” he said.

Biden reveals tough new sanctions

US President Joe Biden has announced a string of new sanctions against Russia and condemned the attack, which is being described as the worst to face Europe since WWII.

Under Mr Biden’s plan, Russia’s capability of carrying out business using dollars, euros, pounds and yet will be curtailed.

The ability to finance and build military capabilities will also be limited, along with the nation’s ability to participate in modern technology.

The US is also blocking more major Russian banks.

Mr Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin had carried out a “premeditated attack”.

“He moved more than 175,000 troops and military equipment into positions along the Ukrainian border,” he said.

“He moved blood supplies into position and built up field hospitals, which tells you all you need to know about his intentions all along.

Russia’s move will ‘shape our world’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has spoken out as the invasion of Ukraine continues, stating that the “decisions of the next few days will shape our world”.

He again slammed the attack as a breach of the principles of the UN charter, and said Russia had not indicated any interest in retreating – although it was not too late to do so.

Mr Guterres said the attack was “on a scale that Europe has not seen in decades” and that there were “images of fear anguish and terror in every corner of Ukraine”.

Death toll rises

Ukraine’s Minister of Healthcare Viktor Lyashko has confirmed that at least 57 people have been killed and 169 injured within hours of Russia’s assault launching.

He said that hospitals and staff had been fired upon, with employees among the casualties.

Russian military plane crashes

A Russian military transport aircraft has crashed near Ukraine, killing an unknown number of crew members.

The crash occurred in the Voronezh region, and was reportedly caused by “equipment failure”.

Russia’s brutal protester crackdown

Russians protesting against their own government’s invasion of Ukraine have been arrested, according to Reuters.

More than 1600 people were arrested following protests in 53 cities across Russia, including Moscow.

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