Riky Rick’s wife Bianca hardly coping and social media is making things worse!

Riky Rick’s wife, Bianca is mourning the passing of her husband, and she’s said to be inconsolable. As if that’s not enough, social media is making things even worse by posting all the negative jokes about suicide and depression.

Family spokesman Sheikani Makhado spoke to Daily Sun about how the family is handling the devastating event.

Sheikani said there are no words to express their feelings, as Riky meant a lot to everyone.

“Waking up knowing we had lost such a beloved family member was hard,” he said.

Bianca is not in a state to say anything, but it was said that she’s heartbroken

“Our mum is trying to be strong for the sake of the family and our brother’s wife Bianca is inconsolable,” he said. “We can’t dispute the fact that we shared him with the rest of the world and we are appreciative of the messages of support we have been getting.”

Other friends in the industry have taken to different platforms to speak about how shocked they are by the passing of the legend, who died on Wednesday after committing suicide due to a long-term depression.

Main Image: Mbare Times

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