There are certain things that happen, and you think that you’re the only one going through them, right? You ever look at your wardrobe and there are plenty of clothes, but you still feel like you don’t have enough clothes. While we’d all love J. Lo’s fashion budget, splurging on new clothes every month isn’t always as option.  Don’t lose hope. Help is here – and it comes in the form of a pair of scissors, some dye, buttons and your inner fashion designer.

Here are 15 budget-friendly ways to reinvent old clothing items and breathe new life into your wardrobe:

Give you’re fave old canvas sneakers another chance by dying them.  Don’t forget to remove the laces first and read the dye instructions. Make sure the dye sinks in evenly – the longer you leave the shoes to soak in the colour, the darker they’ll become.

Give your favourite high heels a makeover by taking them to a dry cleaner to dye and reheel.

An old coat can easily be transformed into a trendy new coat with a simple change of buttons.  Look for bold, bright, eye-catching ones at markets.

There are plenty of DIY YouTube fashion vids on how to wrap a t-shirt as a skirt or even dress.

Turn an old pair of jeans into a pair of shorts or, if you are really handy with a sewing machine, you could make yourself a new denim skirt.

Use baking soda and bleach to design patterns on solid colour t-shirts and you have another something to wear.

Turn long sleeve tops and tees into a trendy, sleeveless top to keep you cool in summer.

Cut a slit on the sides of tops and tie the two pieces into a trendy knot.

Take the dull and drab and get creative by dip-dying.  It’s amazing how colour brings a whole new look and feel to your old clothing.

Cut old t-shirts or blouses to make quick headbands, belts or even braided wrist bands.

Don’t feel like wearing the clothes you have? Have a clothes swap with your chomas and get some “new” threads.  Read our Fashion Swap Guide if you haven’t already.

Ripped your fave pair of jeans?  Patch them up with flare, using bright fabric cut-offs or even animal print.

Did you know you can use cut-off sleeves from jersey tops to create a beanie?

Go for the bow! Adding a cute bow to the sleeve of a top will instantly refresh an old favourite.

Stitch or stick beads to the neckline of a vest and leave the accessories at home.

Visit Pinterest.com for more ways to recycle (or ‘upcycle) old clothes for a whole new look. Your purse will thank you.

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