Rasta wants all those celebrity paintings back!

Zimbabwean-born artist Rasta has recalled all his paintings that he has given to various public figures.

His reason for this, is to prepare for a six-month long solo exhibition that will be taking place at Museum Africa in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Rasta’s solo exhibition is said to start on Friday 27th May 2022.

Rasta has painted and sketched canvases of various high-profile figures such as the late Riky Rick, DJ Black Coffee, Leanne Manas, President Cyril Ramaphosa and Somizi’s late mother, Mary Twala as well as the late Killer Kau.

In a statement released the artist has noted that we will be showcasing about 300 portraits of the work he has done.

Rasta also noted that all paintings will only be borrowed for the sole purpose of the exhibition and will be given back to recipients after the six-month exhibition.

“The exhibition will give value to the portraits, create publicity for the painted public figure and grow Rasta’s profile as South Africa’s favourite artist… We would therefore appreciate it if all public figures would answer to this call of portrait recalls.”

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