Queen Elizabeth’s most memorable fashion moments through the decades

During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth ruled through fifteen prime ministers, era-defining world events, and multiple generations that saw politics, technology, and society transform.

Yet, through all the changes taking place around her, she remained steadfast in her devotion to the British Empire, and much like her iron-fist style of leadership, she was committed to a royal and stately style of dress.

From the moment she was sworn in as Queen at the tender age of 25, she became known for her penchant for fashion. Even while maintaining the strict rules of Royal dressing, she injected her own personality into each look.

She had a particular affinity for bright colours “so people can spot her from afar” and was known for her love of playful hats – an iconic symbol entrenched in British fashion culture. Cheeky accessories like gloves, brooches and pearl jewellery pieces were also regular accominaments to most of her outfits.

Through the decades, she upheld her unwavering uniform and ability to be perfectly dressed for almost any occasion.

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