Prince William booed by Wembley crowd during FA Cup final

In this week’s royal news update, football fans are flabbergasted by the treatment and behaviour Prince William received from the crowd at Wembley Stadium on Saturday during the FA Cup Final.

Sarah Ferguson reveals how she misses the late Princess Diana, and said she is sad she did not get the opportunity to meet Prince Harry and Prince William’s children, while the Duke of Sussex hopes his children never get to experience the online world as it is now.

Sarah Ferguson is sad Princess Diana could not meet grandchildren

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana were brought together by love when they both married into the British royal family, with Diana marrying Prince Charles, and Sarah marrying his brother, Prince Andrew.

Speaking to the Metro, Sarah revealed that the late Princess Diana would have adored being a grandmother.

“She would have loved life as a grandmother and she would have been so proud. We would have been first on the bouncy castle together with our grandchildren,” said Ferguson.

The 65-year-old author also expressed how much she loved the late princess, and how she often thinks about her dearest friend and late sister-in-law.

She also reminisced about the close bond they shared through the stressful time when they were thrown into the limelight because of their romantic relationships with royal family members.

“I think of her all the time and especially because she and I were the only two who really understood what it was like back in the 90’s – the pressure was ferocious and yet together, the two of us were powerful.

“Not powerful in the sense of strength or importance, but in the love we had for each other, and the way we helped each other cope. Nobody else is left who understands those days,” said the author.

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Prince William booed by Wembley crowd during FA cup final

The FA cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool football clubs took place at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, and the Duke of Cambridge, who is also the president of the football association took to the field ahead of kick off to shake hands with the players and wish them luck for the game.

A moment which was meant to be joyous and prestigious ended up immediately being cringe-worthy after the thousands of fans who were in attendance to watch the game and support their favourite teams booed Prince William.

After witnessing the scene from the football match, football fans took to social media to express how shocked and disappointed they were at the crowd for their behaviour towards the Duke, while others applauded the crowd for practicing their freedom of speech.

Prince Harry hopes his children never get to experience the online world as it is now

Prince Harry recently attended an online charity event via Zoom where he helped launch an online safety toolkit run by the 5Rights Foundation.

While speaking at the event, the father-of-two said the way social media is being used is not correct, and he also shared his concerns and opinions he and his wife Meghan Markle share for their children’s generation who have access to various social media platforms.

Harry said his children are far to young to have experienced the the online world, and that he hopes by the time they are old enough to have access to social media, they never have to experience the way social media is currently.

“My kids are too young to have experienced the online world yet. And I hope that they never have to experience it as it exists now. No kid should have to.

“Sometimes I feel I can keep them away from the online harms that they could face in the future forever, but I am learning to know better,” said Prince Harry.

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