Politics news Australia: From ‘egg boy’ to being tarred and feathered – when confronting politicians gets ugly

As rough as interactions with the public can get, dust-ups between politicians can be no less aggressive, even outside the Parliamentary chambers.

Shadow Minister for Education and Shadow Minister for Women Tanya Plibersek and then-Liberal MP Craig Kelly proved just that when they crossed paths in the corridor of the Parliament House press gallery in February last year.

The brouhaha started when Ms Plibersek denounced Mr Kelly’s anti-vaccine views and COVID-19 “conspiracy theories”, describing him to cameras as a “taxpayer-funded nong”.

Mr Kelly, as it happened, was in earshot.

Though it could be fairly supposed both were playing it up for the cameras, things got heated, with Mr Kelly accusing Ms Plibersek of spreading “slime” and “innuendo”.

“I take my health advice from your Health Minister and your Chief Medical Officer. I wish you would,” Plibersek retorted.

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