Photos: Elon Musk first hotel in Mars set to open soon at $5m per night – Entertainment SA

For people that love adventures, they will soon have the opportunity to pass the night in Mars, thanks to World Richest man, Mr. Elon Musk.

First hotel In Mars built by Elon Musk is about to Open soon costing $5Million per night.This hotel is away from planet

This is the first hotel In Mars built by Elon Musk and they are ready to start operating soon.

You might be wondering how much it cost to lodge in Elon musk space hotel. The answer to your curiosity is that only the rich and elite can visit mars unless you work for Elon musk

The hotel cost $5Million per night, and that’s something you need to think twice before going up there.$

5million will can get you so much in life that you never need to work again but there are people who will spend this money in a night at the space hotel just to make a mark that they have slept in another planet.

Main Image: The Nigerian Express

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