Paul Gallen v Kris Terzievski live updates, stream, how to watch, Harry Garside, Nikita Tszyu

Paul Gallen is being dismantled by his unknown rival in brutal fashion with the NRL legend’s boxing career in dire straits. Follow all the action here.

Australia’s heavyweight king Justis Huni – the only man to beat Paul Gallen – has backed the former NRL legend to shock Kris Terzievski in their title showdown tonight in Newcastle.

News Corp can reveal Gallen will pocket at least $800,000 when he steps into the ring against Terzievski – and his pay day could hit the $1 million mark depending on pay-per-view sales from the fight blockbuster at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.


If anyone understands the bravery and toughness of Gallen, it is Huni, who was stunned by the former rugby league star’s ability to stay on his feet in his 10-round disposal of the 40-year-old last June.

Gallen took such a beating that Huni was forced to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics with a busted hand that required surgery.

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– Paul Gallen vs. Kris Terzievski (10 rounds for Australian and Australasian heavyweight title)



Terzievski looks very tired as Gallen launches a brave rearguard. Terzievski goes bang! But the flurry takes it out of Terzievski. Gal’s round. Terzievski 77-74


Terzievski has been docked a point for pushing. Second wind from gallen but the sails are still at half mast. Oh my! Terzievski lands a sickening body shot and Gal drops his hands. Say what you like about Gal, he’s got plenty of tick. Gal may have stolen that and it’s a 10-8 round to Gal. Terzievski 68-64


Gal’s face starting to resemble a butcher’s block. Both men look very tired but there’s more sting in Terzievski’s punches. Terzievski 60-54


Some loose tape on Terzievski’s glove halts the round but it’s business as usual: Terzievski slips wild shots and answers with laser-like lefts. Gallen looks exhausted. The body shots have almost rendered the NRL legend inactive. Terzievski 50-45


Gallen has started the fourth like the 2016 Grand Final. Gal lands a good right hand but Kris Terzievski counters with a short left hook. Kris Terzievski is taking Gallen to school! Another hurt round! Gallen could be hurt to the body! “Some concerning signs for Gal, who has taken a number of body shots and he’s feeling it.” Terzievski lands several clean straight left hands to the head and body. Terzievski 40-36


Terzievski showed a few signs of slowing down during the second round but he’s landing at will in the third. But you feel the longer this goes the more it suits Gallen. Terzievski showing Gal ‘Garside’ angles. The big Victorian is fighting a very clever fight. 30-27 Another one in the bank for Terzievski


Terzievski’s trainer and cut man are nearly sent crashing out of the ring at the start of round 2 as Gallen charges to Terzievski’s corner. Gal having trouble finding his feet early but he’s starting to find his timing. Both men trade punches but Terzievski landed the cleaner shots. 20-18 Terzievski


And we are off. Game plans from both are clear from the outset. Terzievski is throwing his long left hand and almost running away from a charging Gallen. Terzievski is targeting Gal’s body and he’s landing the cleaner shots up stairs and down. Gal looks uncomfortable but we’ve seen this from the former Cronulla piggie. Terzievski’s chair takes an hour to arrive in his corner. 10-9 Terzievski

Nikita Tszyu def Mason Smith via TKO


Nikita Tszyu dished out severe punishment to previously unbeaten Mason Smith for two minutes and 41 seconds before the fight was stopped in the first round.

Tszyu, 24, dropped Smith with a left-right combination, then hammered him from pillar to post before the bout was called off.

Smith (5-1, 2KO) was left with a bloodied nose, which thrilled Tszyu, who is clearly a major contender in the super-welterweight division in which older brother Tim is already a world title contender.

“It’s the blood that gets to me, that’s what I love, the joy I get out of it,” said Tszyu, now 2-0 with two knockouts.

Tim Tszyu was suitably impressed, saying: “Give him some time, he will knock out the whole division in Australia – except me”.

Harry Garside def Layton McFerran via 7th round TKO

A tearful Harry Garside has revealed his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last week, as he dedicated his title fight win to her.

The Australian lightweight champion stopped Layton McFerran in the seventh round at Newcastle Entertainment Centre, the finest performance thus far in his three-fight professional career.

Soon afterwards, he broke down in tears as he explained the fight facing his mother Kate, who lives in Mooroolbark, Victoria.

“Nine days ago my mum told me she got diagnosed with breast cancer, this was for her,” Garside said.

“If it was going to happen to anyone in the family I’m glad it happened to her, she is the strongest one by far, so she’ll be fine.

“It was tough [to prepare for this fight], that’s why I wore pink socks, I knew I had to do it for her.”

Garside (3-0, 2KO) handed McFerran (5-2, 2KO) just his second loss, and was half a second too quick with his hands and head movement.

Garside piled on the pressure in the sixth round and landed several hard shots that had referee Brad Vocale looking closely at McFerran.

More of the same continued in the seventh round before Vocale waved off the contest.

Garside revealed afterwards that he has injuries to both hands, and will see a specialist to determine whether he requires surgery.


Pace slows which is to be expected. IT’S OVER! “That’s a great stoppage,” says Fenech. The referee halts proceedings and the punishment. Class all round as the pair embrace. Garside retains his Australian title title. Harry Garside was bleeding through his left-hand wrap after the victory, saying he needs to get them “right” before his next fight. Paul Kent said the blood was a concern for Garside.

“I’ve not seen a fist bleed like that, it’s usually internal: broken bones, tendans. Very unusual in this day and age with all the strapping and style of gloves they use,” Kent said.

But ringside commentator Ben Damon revealed it was a scab that caused the blood.


Total punches landed so far: Garside 103, McFerran 37. Usually such a lopsided punch-on would be stoppage but Garside, up to this moment, isn’t hurting McFez. That looks like it’s about to change though. Garside may have got the message from Johnny Lewis to go for the kill! McFerran gets a warning as the referee takes a close look. “the corner shoudl stop it,” says Jeff Fenech. How is McFez still throwing back? And he walks back to his corner with a smile on his face. 60-53 (10-8 round) Garside


This fight feels like Doctor Strange put it on loop with the Time Stone. Garside throws, lands, slips McFerran’s punches. Don’t get me wrong it’s not boring, it’s just … the same. Fenech wants Garside to sit on his punches more and couldn’t agree more with the Mauler. 50-45 Garside


You’d hate to be in the ring with Harry Garside – just so hard to hit. He’s really finding his rhythm now. McFez is a pace or behind as the Tasmanian tries to shepard Garside into a corner annnnnnnd he’s gone. 40-36 Garside


McFez bobbing around like Iron Mike! Little peek-a-boo defence ala Smokin’ Joe Frazier as well. Love this guy, he’s doing everything to get inside but Garside’s angles so so elite. Throws and slips, then bang! again. Little from Garside but no damage done. Garside fought 30-odd days ago and the action against McFez is much slow. Banking some rounds? 30-27 Garside


Boxing analyst Paul Kent believes Garside needs to start knocking out his local competition to catch the attention of some bigger names. More of the same as Garside pops in and out with two, three punch combinations. Lovely body shot from McFez but it’s answered by Garside. The Olympian’s best hope for a stoppage is a sustained body attack because McFez won’t go down! 20-18 Garside


Australia’s favourite Olympian eats a right hand from the Tassie Devils! Smart from the underdog from Tasmania. But all it’s done is wake Garside and the speed difference is quite stark. It’s like fighting Neo in the Matrix! 10-9 Garside … could be a long night for McFerran.

Sam Goodman def Fumiya Fuse via unanimous decision

Crowd favourite Sam Goodman won the WBO Oriental and IBF Inter-Continental bantamweight titles with a unanimous 10-round decision despite being floored in the third round.

Goodman (11-0, 6KO) defeated game Japanese opponent Fumiya Fuse (11-2, 1KO) with a clinical display of tactical boxing set up by his outstanding jab.

He won 98-91 on all three cards, and is now a chance of being ranked inside the top 10 in the IBF and WBO.

Goodman was dropped by a straight left counterpunch in the third round and his raucous support fell silent.

However, the slick fighter rebounded to claim his biggest win yet.

Hass Hamdan def Trent Girdham via unanimous decision

Hassan Hamdan survived a first-round knockdown to defeat rival Trent Girdham in a six-round welterweight thriller.

Girdham dropped Hamdan with a hard right hand in the opening round, but Hamdan rallied with sharp combinations and hard body shots to win a unanimous decision, 58-55, 58-55, 57-56 in their grudge match.

Girdham was incensed at the decision and stormed out of the ring as Hamdan – son of Australian legend Nader Hamdan – tried to touch gloves.

Nader had to be separated by Jeff Fenench after push a rival cut man.

“I give respect to anyone that steps in the ring, we had our back-and-forth before the fight but I wanted to show respect to him and he showed what kind of person he is, a sore loser,” said Hamdan (5-0, 1KO).

“It’s on to the next, I don’t want to see him again.

“He caught me with a good shot, but I recovered. I just thought, this is the guy standing in the way of all my dreams.

“I’ve got the heart of a lion, the same heart as my dad, and it’s going to take 10 men to stop me.”

This was Girdham’s first defeat, and he drops to 3-1.

Sara Jalonen def Amber Amelia via split decision

In the pay-per-view opener, Sara Jalonen sprung an upset over hometown favourite Amber Amelia.

In a close bout, Jalonen (2-1) used her reach to keep the fast-handed Amelia (1-1) at bay, winning a split decision 48-47, 48-47, 47-48.

Hironiri Mishiro def Francis Chua via majority decision

Undefeated Japanese star Hironori Mishiro (12-0-1, 4KO) defeated Perth’s Francis Chua (8-3-1, 3KO) via a seven-round majority decision.Mishiro had the more accurate shots and smarter footwork, winning 69-64, 67-66, 65-68 to win his first fight outside of Japan.

Let’s hope the judge that scored it for Chua gets some sense knocked into him before the main event starts because he must have watching a different fight.

Linn Sandstrom def Floryvic Montero via decision

Sydney’s Linn Sandstrom claimed the WBC Australasian superflyweight title with a majority decision over Floryvic Montero.

Sandstrom (5-2-1, 2KO) prevailed 78-74, 78-74, 76-76, staying busier than her opponent and repeatedly landing body shots. Montero drops to a 5-9-1 (3KO) record.



Kris Terzievksi has vowed to pull off an upset in similar style to Dmitry Bivol’s boilover against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez last weekend.

Bivol was an $8 underdog but dominated boxing’s biggest star with a masterclass of defensive counter-punching, which is what Terzievki intends to deploy against the aggressive Gallen.

“I watched the Canelo-Bivol fight and I saw similarities, they wanted to test Bivol under the bright lights, his biggest stage was the Canelo show just like these guys are making it about the Gal show,” Terzievki said.

“I was very impressed by how he stuck to a game plan and didn’t try to box outside of himself, so I’m looking to do similar.

“I’ve got a great game plan, I believe in my skills, and that’s what is going to get me over the line.

“He’s got that toughness, it’s about controlling the chaos. He’s going to bring that, and if I can stay calm under that fire I feel like I’m going to have a very, very good night.

“Being on the biggest stage is a financial incentive as well, if I win I get to help my mum, my family, myself. These things are inspiring me, but ultimately I want to do the best I can.”

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