Offset unfollows Quavo and Takeoff, sparking Migos breakup rumours

Is Offset upset? The songster has just unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram, leading to speculations that the Migos group, which comprises the trio, has broken up.

In this age, unfollowing a friend or associate is a critical sign the bridge of amity is broken and one no longer rolls with them. But is that the case with the Migos group right now? It’s still unclear as none of the three has spoken about a possible breakup.

Interestingly, although we confirm that Offset is no longer following Quavo and Takeoff, we also noticed Takeoff is still following the two of them at the time of writing. Also, Quavo is no longer following upset but is still following Takeoff.

What does this point to? Possibly, Offset and Quavo are beefing, but likely Takeoff is not part of the beef – or else he’s wishing it would be resolved soon because he’s still following Offset.

The most evidence points to Offset and Quavo falling out, with Takeoff likely caught in the middle of their spat. Whatever the case, the coming days should provide more clarity.

The possibility of a breakup isn’t sitting well with Migos fans, though, as some think it would be worse than the Beatles.

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