Nadia Nakai is reportedly smitten with AKA

Nadia Nakai and AKA are getting people talking. The pair are reportedly rumoured to be dating, with many speculating that they spent the holidays together.

Fans noted that their snaps on Instagram appeared to be very similar to each other, with backgrounds matching in both. AKA posted a series of photographs of his safari getaway while Nadia posted bikini and outfit posts at what appears to be a luxury game lodge.

While neither have commented on the rumours, AKA did give an indication that he was on vacation with his “secret santa” while the Kreatures rapper revealed she received a from a Rolex “secret santa.”

While AKA is usually known for sharing his love for his ladies quite openly, this time he has been a bit more cautious. Due to the tragic events that occured in his previous relationship with Anele Tembe, the rapper is trying to be keep his love life out of the public eye.

However, according to reports, Nadia is the one pushing for a reveal. “Nadia is in love and can’t hide it anymore.” “She wants to make things official and public but AKA is not really sure if it’s a good idea or not.”

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