NAD IV Treatment – The benefits and brilliance of this ‘fountain of youth’

If this year has left you high and dry when it comes to energy levels, ageing and overall health, you’re certainly not alone. But, what’s more is that there is hope. This hope comes in a saline solution in the form of an NAD drip, an IV treatment that not only boosts your metabolism, but also aids in anti-ageing.

What is NAD?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme that naturally occurs in your body’s cells, but decreases with age. It is required for healthy brain function, energy production and DNA repair and it also plays a rather important role in anti-ageing.

NAD IV treatments supplement the gradual decline of the powerful coenzyme in your cells, delivering it directly into your bloodstream for immediate use.

NAD. Image: iStock

Why go for a NAD drip?

It is said that Covid-19 causes NAD depletion. Some people with vitamin deficiencies, existing NAD+ depletion or genetic deficits in energy metabolism have long-term NAD+ dysfunction. This results in your body trying to make up for low NAD+ levels by feeding on tryptophan, which in turn causes low serotonin levels. In this snowball effect, mast cells are then activated locally to release serotonin instead, leading to histamine release. Too much histamine may lead to the development of ulcers and other complications.

According to LifeLab, energy disruptions are specific to high metabolically active tissues, like the heart and the brain. It gets even more complex with the disruption of the gut-immune axis, mobilisation of bacteria and secondary infections – both bacterial and reactivation of dormant neurotrophic viruses.

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How does the NAD IV treatment work?

The drip – which could take anything from two to five hours – is not for the fainthearted but will undoubtedly make a huge difference. During the IV treatment, you might feel a bit queasy, and you might feel pressure on your chest should the drip run too fast. It is recommended that you get the treatment when you have time to spare (many will make time once they realise the benefits) and that you bring a book or a laptop with to keep yourself busy. LifeLab also suggests that you hydrate and eat before your treatment.

What are the benefits?

The primary function of the NAD IV treatment is to help with the energy conversion process that takes place within your cells. It repairs damaged cells and reverses the effects of oxidative stress and post-Covid inflammation.

Doctor Juanri Jonck says that this treatment has shown tremendous benefits especially with patients recovering from Covid-19.

NAD is needed for healthy brain function, energy production and DNA repair. Although you can take NAD+ tablets, your response to NAD IV treatments is much quicker.

Benefits include:

  • DNA repair
  • The reduction of fatigue
  • The improvement of mental clarity
  • A boost in energy levels
  • Improvement in overall health

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