Moho Resources readies for major drill program at Black Swan South

The first stage of a drilling program in Western Australia will test an underexplored komatiite sequence less than 5km south of the Silver Swan – Black Swan nickel mine.

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According to Moho (ASX:MOH), the aim of the drilling is to provide geological context of different komatiite facies and footwall lithologies along the entire strike length, as well as test the up-dip lithologies in relation to a weak below-hole EM conductor in historic diamond drill hole 08NBSD0060.

Plans are also in place to examine potential nickel sulphide targets identified by recent geochemical analysis on three historic drill sections.

Underexplored nickel prospect

MOH managing director Shane Sadleir said the Black Swan South nickel prospect is “very much underexplored” by today’s standards.

“Moho’s experienced exploration team is looking forward to this RC drill program shedding new light on the potential of the area to host nickel sulphide mineralisation,” he said.

“Especially given the high grade indicated mineral resources recently reported by Poseidon at the nearby Silver Swan and Golden Swan nickel deposit.”

Chief geologist appointed

On June 6, MOH appointed Wouter Denig as chief geologist.

Wouter holds 30 years’ mineral exploration experience and was previously employed with Codrus Minerals as chief geologist, overseeing exploration targeting across Silver Swan South and Red Gate projects in WA.

Prior notable employment includes time spent in exploration leadership positions with companies such as Western Areas, IGO, MPI and Polaris Metals exploring for nickel sulphides, base metals, and gold throughout WA.

What’s next on the agenda?

  • RC drill program to commence this week
  • Logging, pXRF and interpretation of RC drill chips
  • Receipt and report assay results DHEM survey of selected RC holes
  • Ground EM survey over magnetic anomaly to assess potential for further nickel targets; and
  • Diamond drilling of potential down-hole EM targets

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