‘Me and my husband’: SK Khoza and Moshe Ndiki post bizarre live together

SK Khoza and Moshe Ndiki are having the time of their life together. The two former The Queen telenovela actors recently went live on Instagram to do a funny acapella of themselves singing an updated version of Toni Braxton’s – ‘Me & My Boyfriend’ but this time around it was ‘Me & My Husband’.

As the two were seated at the back of their ride they began belting some entertainingly bizarre melodies of the song.

“He’s my husband yo!” screamed Khoza loudly towards the end of the video.

Fans have congratulated them on their new relationship and sent their best wishes.

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“My girl has some nice toes” – says Khoza

Their bromance didn’t stop there, in another video posted on SK Khoza’s Tik Tok he is seen complementing Ndiki on his incredible toes.

In the video, he also calls Moshe Ndiki his new girl.

Main Image: Briefly SA

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