Mandatory reporting for positive RAT results in South Australia

Premier Steven Marshall announced the change today after initially ruling out mandatory reporting.

“We’re keen to track every single one of those results,” Mr Marshall said.

Steven Marshall announced mandatory reporting for positive RAT results. (9News)

“While we think that 95 per cent of people would do the right thing, getting as many positive results into the system just improves that data.”

It comes as the state recorded 3715 new COVID-19 cases and seven deaths.

Close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case that register with SA Health online will be eligible to pick up two free RATs from Thursday.

They will receive a receipt that will need to be presented as proof to receive the free tests.

Only one site will be open tomorrow where people can collect the RATs from in Adelaide’s south Parklands, which has a capacity of 13,000.

“We do really want to see what that operation is going to be like through the site in Adelaide,” Mr Marshall said.

Rapid antigen test COVID-19 coronavirus
Close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case registered with SA Health can pick up two free RAT’s from tomorrow. (Anna Kucera)

Meanwhile, a cafe in Adelaide’s outer northern east suburbs was fined $10,000 over allegedly breaching COVID-safe rules.

The owner of the Zitto Café in Golden Groves said a police officer had an issue with the tables being too close together.

Rob is the owner of the Zitto Café in Golden Groves.
Rob is the owner of the Zitto Café in Golden Groves. (9News)

“I had received no warning to say that I was in breach and I have received no information on how I fix the breach, not knowing specifically what it is,” owner Rob said.

“We’ve been kicked from pillar to post.

“We’ve done everything to comply for two years so to do this at the back end of two years, it’s picking on the low-hanging fruit.”

Since going public, Rob’s fine has been reviewed and reversed.

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