MaMkhize claps back at trolls, defends homes given to KZN flood victims

South African businesswoman, socialite, and philanthropist Shauwn Mkhize has clapped back at Twitter trolls who she feels should be encouraging others to make a change in peoples lives.

The socialite took to social media on Tuesday afternoon to address all of the mean and malicious statements that were made towards her and Royal AM on Twitter, after her initiative to build homes for people who were affected by the KZN floods earlier this year.

She started off the video by saying that she was disappointed at all the comments that were made about her and the house which went viral on social media, which people thought she and her soccer team had built.

“Fellow South Africans, I must say I am very very disappointed. I wake up this morning and my team is telling me that I have built a house with bricks,” said Shauwn Mkhize.

The mother-of-two then made it clear that she did not build the brick house that was going viral on Twitter, and that the houses which she built were all made using alternative technology.

MaMkhize then addressed the trolling that was made about the brick house, and said that people should have thanked whoever built it for making a change in someone’s life, instead of bashing the house and discouraging them from wanting to help again in the future.

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“Number 2, guys all that you should have been saying, and me for one, thank you very much to whoever built that house with bricks. I am thankful to you, because you sat down and thought, and wanted to do something good, and that person did not have a shelter, and I am sure that person is very happy and excited about their house,” said the businesswoman.

“So guys, I am saying to you now. Instead of nwye nywe nywe nwye stand up and do something. Everybody knew that there were floods in KZN, but what are you doing?

“Instead of encouraging other people that want to help, you are discouraging the people that are helping.

“That person has come forward and helped, and now you are making him feel bad, as if he has done something wrong,” said Mkhize.

To end off her video, MaMkhize once again made it clear that the house which had gone viral on Twitter was not built by her or Royal AM, and that the houses she built were made with alternative technology, and were built in five days as the flood victims needed a place to live on short notice.

“But anyway, that is not my house. My house was done out of alternative energy, fast, quick, and furious because I was responding to the floods. That house was built in five days, and it is nice, and it is neat.

“Again, I am encouraging you to stand up and do what is right. Encourage people that are doing something good, and thank them instead of discouraging them.”

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