Leaders debate 2022: How to livestream Sky News’ Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese forum

Sportsbet has opened betting on Debate Bingo ahead of tonight’s forum.

The online bookmaker expects either Scott Morrison or Anthony Albanese will say “climate change” ($1.01), closely followed by “Jobseeker rate” ($1.10), “mismanagement” ($1.12) and “Soloman Islands” ($1.17).

(Not the Solomon Islands, mind you, but the Solo Man Islands, where the primary method of transportation is the yellow kayak.)

Will Engadine get a mention?
Will Engadine get a mention?

Also high up on the bingo card are “gaffe” ($1.25), “Katherine Deves” ($1.33), “out of touch” ($1.40) and “hung parliament” ($1.50).

For those willing to take a wild punt, Sportsbet has longer odds on “Engadine” ($8.50), “Will Smith” ($41) and “did someone say KFC?” ($51).

ScoMo is currently $1.33 to wear a blue tie, while Albo is $1.50 to wear a red tie.

“The gloves are off and we expect ScoMo and Albo to be fired up,” Sportsbet’s Simon Legg said in a statement. “Sarcasm does not appear in our markets, but we expect it will be prevalent during the debate.”

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