Inverroche’s vibrant pink gin is the perfect addition to your summer table layout

Local artisanal gin brand, Inverroche, is a pioneer in its field. Founded by Lorna Scott in 2011, the brand continues to create innovative offerings by pushing the boundaries with local flora and botanicals.

Their latest innovation, Coco Capensis, is the third instalment in the Inverroche Creative Collection. With adaptable colour and flavour explorations, the vivacious pink drink is an all-round sensory experience.

With Capensis meaning “that which originates from, or belongs to the Cape”, Coco Capensis is the true embodiment of its name.

The gin pays homage to its home of Still Bay, Western Cape through an indigineous botanical and fruity-flavoured profile.

The elegant, smooth, and well-balanced dry gin is a combination of various fynbos notes. Soft and tart on the nose, Cape May and Rose Pelargonium lead the way, which are held together by the subtle characteristics of sweet ruby chocolate.

However, the limited-edition gin is not only a taste sensation of the Cape Floral Kingdom but also an aesthetically pleasing sight to admire.

For the first time ever, the brand has experimented with colour innovation – through a tasteless, all-natural rose malva essence, which transforms the clear liquid into a stunning pink hue. Not only is this an entertaining party trick for your guests but makes the perfect addition to your summer table layout.

Enjoy Coco Capensis as a simple G&T or, if you’re more of an adventurous cocktail connoisseur, go all out with a range of flavour explorations.

Scott recommends serving it with a premium Indian tonic over ice, garnished with rose petals, a sprig of orange buchu, pomegranate seeds, and an almond macaroon or a strawberry tuile on the side.

Inverroche Coco Capensis is a limited-release gin with only 13 200 bottles for sale in SA. Get yours now for a memorable summer drinking experience.


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