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A viral photograph of DJ Sbu has caught many South African social media users by surprise and some are raising concerns about his health and wellbeing.
The veteran DJ is spotted on Twitter wearing a green knitted jersey whilst carrying a can of his energy drink, Mofaya – he is now trending.

Some tweeps feel the businessman has downgraded his levels as far as his looks are concerned. Apparently the way he dresses is below his professional standards. Judging the reactions from the trending social media post, many netizens argue that the former YFM staffer doesn’t dress like a businessman, but like someone is involved in drugs.

Entertainment SA naturally headed to the Twitter application to select some of the reactions where South Africans are divided on Sbu’s dress code and why he must formal suits. As we all know tweeps always have an opinion.

Shonny said: “DJ Sbu is not taking care of himself, we are supposed to be celebrating his black excellence but he’s so untidy. No longer displaying professionalism. He should be setting a good example to the pioneers.”

Raymond Maboea said: “People commenting about DJ Sbu’s looks don’t understand that sort of trauma response DJ Sbu used to dress up and everything was over the top…but didn’t have assets He now has more assets and spends less on looks because of the pain of losing money and realising glam is a scam.”

Gratuity Tucci said: “People are just weird. DJ Sbu is out there decolonizing “the professional look” perception, showing it’s okay to rock your dreadlocks in the workplace because even hotshots like him do. Instead of being inspired, you bring Western ideas & standards to your chat. Just let him be.”

Siyavana Nkanyi said: “Please don’t compare Dj Sbu and Jay Z. Stop defending nonsense Dj Sbu needs to take care of himself he’s still young.”

While we cant comment much about the dj’s dress code, we will acknowledge the fact that twitter streets are talking

Main Image: DJ Sbu/Instagram

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