In Pictures: Muvhango celebrates 25 years on Television, former actors to make guest appearances

In Pictures, Muvhango celebrates 25years on Television, and former actors make guest appearances.

Muvhango is one of the longest-running Telenovelas on South African TV screens that have managed to keep viewers hooked on the show. The show is celebrating 25 years of the show on Television with various activities. Fans have been promised several surprises in celebration.

The Production Team of the Venda drama series has shared on their Instagram page that they are celebrating 25 years. The celebrations for the show will be over a year, and the team promises that the viewers will be engaged. In the statement released, they promised that some faces from the show’s first seasons will come back. However, they will be playing cameo roles. The shooting of scenes will be done in Venda as they celebrate.

Muvhango press statement
Muvhango press statement-Image Source(Instagram/muvhangosa)

The creator and Executive producer of the show, Duma Ndlovu, has promised that an actor who has been with Muvhango for 25 years will be celebrated. Word of Mouth and SABC will partner on the celebrations of this show which changed the lives of Venda speaking actors in the industry.

Muvhango celebrating 25 years of screentime

The first episode of Muvhango was aired on the 7th of April 1997, and it was the first Venda drama series on TV. Many people from the North engaged with the soapie, and some furniture shops ran out of Televisions sets. This forced SABC to change the soapie from 26 episodes to showing it two days a week and then to a telenovela. The show was a success for Duma, and also the Venda language gained a lot of recognition.

Duma Ndlovu
Duma Ndlovu-Image Source(Instagram/muvhangosa)

The show has survived and made it through the hard times. Several times the viewers of the show have threatened to boycott the show because of their storylines. Many soapies have been cancelled overtime when viewership dropped, but Venda has held its position with its exciting storylines.

Main Image: The South African

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