‘I’m not making the money I used to make’, says Cassper Nyovest

South African hip hop rapper and businessman Refiloe Phoolo, commonly known as Cassper Nyovest is gearing up for one of the biggest events in South Africa which is his fight against actor and musician NaakMusiQ which is set to take place this coming Saturday on 9 April at Sun City.

Amidst final training and preparations for the big fight, the Baby Girl hitmaker cannot help but reflect on his life and all that he has put into his career to become the successful businessman and artist that he is today.

Making an appearance Slikour on Life, Cassper revealed that for the longest time he was not making as much money as he was when he started off with his music career.

“A lot of people don’t know how much I fell off, like I’m not making the money I used to make but I’m living the life I used to live and it catches up. I owe that guy 20k, I owe that guy 50k and I owe that guy 500k,” said Nyovest.

Refiloe then gave credit to the people who he surrounds himself with, and mentioned that they have played an important role in helping him build himself up once again to a point where he now makes the same amount of money that he was making when he started out as a rapper.

“I just had a great support structure and I was able to build myself to a point where now for the first time in my career I literally have pockets of money growing in places I forget but it never used to be like this,” said Phoolo.

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The Gusheshe hitmaker also touched base on the Fill-Up music concerts he used to host, which he would put a lot of money into, and said he had to borrow money from some of his friends, knowing that he would only get that money back after a long waiting period.

“My friends know that I used to borrow money all the time. Specifically, the first Fill-Ups were really really tough because we were literally investing money into things we knew were not going to bring the money back immediately,” said Cassper Nyovest.

Mzansi is well invested in the upcoming, highly anticipated fight between Cass and Naak, and to make things much more interesting, Limpopo’s favourite musician, King Monada has upped the stakes by taking to social media to promise to give away his new house if Cassper comes out as the winner of the fight.

“If Cassper Nyovest wins I am giving away my house back to the community,” said Monada.

When Nyovest came across the tweet, he replied by asking Monada if he was hacked, but that tweet was not met with a response.

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