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After deciding to hang up her tennis racket following a recent defeat to Ajla Tomljanovic in the US Open, legend Serena Williams has credited top golfer Tiger Woods. 
Williams says the reason she kept heading back to the tennis court was because of Woods’s contagious resilience and support through her challenges. 
The former World Number 1 said Woods has been a pillar of strength for her and it is reported by Tennis World USA that the US golfer was a constant presence in Serena Williams’ box at the US Open 2022.  
According to the publication, the two global sporting icons made millions of people passionate about golf and tennis they have also given birth to two of the most beautiful stories that have ever existed in the world of sport. 
“She gave birth to a daughter, with all the duties a mother is entitled to, and she was still able to return to playing at a level of excellence,” Woods said of Williams in 2018. 
“She has played two consecutive Grand Slam finals, it’s really impressive. Serena and I are good friends. She is extraordinary.” 
Responding to such a touching message from the former world champion, the 40-year-old top tenner thanked Woods for the love and help in recent years. 
“He is one of the reasons I’m here and I’m still playing. We talked a lot and she tried to keep me motivated,” she said to the media. 
“I didn’t know what to do, I was confused and had so many doubts, then I realised that I can trust him, my God, he’s Tiger Woods, and he helped me to clarify. In one of the most difficult moments of our careers, we said to ourselves: Okay, we can do it together. And so things went.” 
The two global stars have something in common between them, they had to deal with several challenges such as injuries, and only after a long rehabilitation process did Woods return to compete.  
Before returning to the court, in an interview with Vogue magazine, Serena Williams explained that the PGA Hall of Fame inductee encouraged her to return to the game. 
“This spring I had the desire to return to the court for the first time in seven months,” she added. 
“I talked to Tiger Woods, who is a friend, about it, and I told him I needed his advice. He is Tiger, and he was adamant that I was strong like him.  
“He said to me: Serena, what if you try to train for two weeks? You don’t have to commit. Go on the court every day for two weeks and give it your all and see what happens.” 
Main Image: Serena Williams & Tiger Woods/Sporting News/Sports Illustrated 

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