How Palaszczuk, Rudd could ‘complicate things’ for Albanese

The path to The Lodge runs through Queensland, and local pundits say Anthony Albanese has an important decision to make about whether he walks it with two of Labor’s biggest names.

Or has he already decided?

“He was here on Saturday night and left on Thursday afternoon,” 4BC Breakfast radio host Neil Breen told the latest On The Trail: Election 2022 podcast.

“That’s a long time in an election campaign.”

But just as interesting was the trip’s timing, which corresponded with annual leave for Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who was subsequently absent from the campaign trail.

“You’d think if he wanted to spend a big chunk of time here he’d have done it when Palaszczuk was here, but he wasn’t too worried,” Breen says.

Asked whether Ms Palaszczuk’s return from holidays next week would be a positive for Mr Albanese in Queensland, Breen explained it “might complicate things” given outstanding issues at a state level.

“The state Labor Government’s got problems over integrity and everything, and they have been fairly quiet,” he said.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was on leave during Anthony Albanese’s vist. (Getty)

“I think once we get Albanese out of quarantine and Palaszczuk’s back on Monday … then we’ll see the true colours of how much they want to roll her out.”

But there’s an even bigger Labor name that looms large over Queensland: Kevin Rudd.

“The one thing Albanese was very frightened of when I asked him this week … was Kevin Rudd,” Breen told On The Trail: Election 2022.

“Because in Monday or Tuesday’s papers there was a story about Kevin Rudd possibly being an ambassador to Washington, but Rudd himself said ‘I’ve been away promoting my new book but I’ll be back and I’m confirmed to campaign in 20 seats’.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd is ‘not liked here in Queensalnd’, according to Neil Breen. (Nine)

“I said to Albanese … are you going to be seen with him? And he said no, he won’t campaign with me.

“K-Rudd is not liked here in Queensland.”

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