Hilton Theunissen’s Tips for Entrepreneurs


What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Be that child you used to be! If you think your idea will make life easier for potential customers, then focus on that. Customer loyalty is profitability. And get a team of people around you and make sure they can evolve your idea and your business in different ways.

What challenges do entrepreneurs face?

I think one of the challenges is thinking you need capital before you get a customer. For me, it’s always worked to build relationships with my customers to develop a loyal customer base. Another challenge is making sure you have proper business processes in place, so your business works even when you are not there.

What are the qualities of a good entrepreneur?

I think one of the most important qualities that good business owners have is understanding their role as a leader in the broader context of society, which I call a “Mayor Mindset.”

What free online resources are available to me to help grow my business?

From a learning perspective, Google is everyone’s friend and you can get all types of creative content but it’s just so unstructured. I think the British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning programme is the kind of structured course that creatives can follow, and it’s put together by people with years of experience!

To read more about how to access the British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning Platform visit here.

What have been your most significant failures and learnings?

All of my failures happen when I don’t consult someone. My number one rule is to always have people around you. Get a business advisor, lawyer, accountant, mentors, leadership coach, company ambassador and a promoter – these people will help your business stay productive.

What mistakes do you see new entrepreneurs making?

I think some people who are new to the journey of owning a business think you can write success in a business plan. But there’s a difference between a business plan and planning a business. So don’t get stuck into curating what success will look like because once you get out in the world, it is a tough one.
To gain valuable insight and learning from the British Council with useful advice on how to manage your finances, market your product, and communicate with your customers visit the British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning Platform.

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