From being homeless to owning estates: Actress Lilian Dube’s past leaves Mzansi in shock

Lilian Dube was invited to Downtime with Somizi, a celebrity talk show, which airs on DStv Channel 103, and she shared her darkest secrets leaving Mzansi in awe. The actress talked about how she struggled to make ends meet before becoming famous. She revealed some of the undervalued jobs she had to work for her family to survive.

Although she has been in the entertainment industry for decades, it looks like fans did not know the real Lilian. She did not start famous and living a luxurious life; Lilian was once bankrupt and homeless. Thanks to the talk show that invited her so she could share her inspiring story with the world.

Lilian Dube’s previous occupation before fame

Lilian Dube
Lilian Dube: Image source @Instagram

In her interview with Somizi, the actress shared that she did not wake up famous. She talked about her most profound secrets, which she had not disclosed for years. In her own words, she said:

“I’m a girl from Lesotho; I had to hustle my way up to the top surviving through unthinkable ways. I did so many jobs that I didn’t want the world to know about, but l will say it out. I was once a prostitute, and l had no choice but to indulge in such business for survival.

I also worked as a domestic worker, nurse aid and tea girl. Even though I act all strong lm a victim of rape, l never reported my case. I wanted to, but my close family member suggested they will deal with the issue in a family way. Thank you, Somizi, for inviting me to this show. I feel relieved.”

Lilian Dube
Lilian Dube: Image source @Instagram

Mzansi Reacts

After Lillian’s interview, Mzansi was impressed by how the actress had chosen to be happy, forgetting about her dark past. However, others judged her for not working hard in a Godly way and accused her of trying to make her story perfect by saying she had no choice.

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