From being a street dancer to fame: The story of ‘Zodwa’ Sana Mchunu from Gomora

Sana Muchunu has been stealing the show Gomora with her unmatched acting skills. Her charming way of keeping Mzansi glued to their screens has made her famous today. With her fame today, one cannot tell that Sana has a ‘rags to riches story.’

Sana was not born famous; she paved the way for herself in the competitive entertainment industry. She is indeed the epitome of hard work.

Before Sana Mchunu made a debut in the entertainment industry, she was a street dancer. Many may not believe it as she is now famous and glowing; being a celebrity looks good on her. However, Gomora’s storyline is slowly revealing the real-life story of Sana.

Sana Mchunu
Sana Mchunu: Image source @Instagram

Zodwa ‘Sana Mchunu’ from Gomora was once a street dancer

Onset, she portrays the role of Zodwa, a widow of Don, trying to make a living for his two children, Sibongile and Teddy. In the show’s latest episode, Zodwa has problems with her daughter Sibongile, who is double-crossing two-man to secure the bag. After Zodwa found out that her daughter was dating two men at once, she sat down with her and warned her about the dangers of dating whilst still in matric.

Sana Mchunu
Sana Mchunu: Image source @Instagram

Zodwa’s life teaching to Sibongile on-set turned out to be her real-life story. In her own words, she said:

Stop dating while doing matric; these boys will use you and dump you. I’m not just talking; I experienced it. When I was doing my grade nine, I mate Don, and we started dating. One night he called to his place for sweets, and I sneaked out of my parent’s house. Don knew l loved sweets, and he trapped me with them in sleeping with him, and that’s how Teddy came into this world. I then dropped out of school, marking the beginning of my miserable life. Sibongile, I’m telling this because I don’t want you to go thru what I went through.

Zodwa’s advice to Sibongile while acting on Gomora is similar to her real-life story. The actress we all loved to hate was a mother of two at 19. Rumour mill has it that she got her first pregnancy when she was doing grade nine and dropped out of school. After giving birth, she struggled to make ends meet, becoming a street dancer. The late Brenda Fasse later discovered her and trained her to become a professional dancer.

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