Did Harry Styles didn’t spit on Chris Pine?

Shortly after the debut of Olivia Wilde’s new film Don’t Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival, a video began to circulate online showing star Harry Styles taking a seat at the venue next to Chris Pine. Many fans speculated on Twitter that Styles had spat at his co-star. 

However, Pine’s representative issued a statement on Tuesday rejecting the rumour. 

“This is a ridiculous story – a complete fabrication and the result of an odd online illusion that is clearly deceiving and allows for foolish speculation,” read part of the statement. 

No one from Harry Style’s camp has officially commented on the drama yet. 

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ drama

The film has been marred in behind-the-scenes drama controversy which seems to have began when the film’s director, Olivia Wilde, went against its star Florence Pugh. 

Pugh is said to have not wanted to work with Wilde’s initial casting choice for Don’t Worry Darling male lead – Shia LaBeouf – who joined the cast in 2019.

Wilde is then said to have gone behind Pugh’s back to try and get him to continue starring in the film, to no avail. This was around the time that his ex-girlfriend, musician, FKA Twigs, filed a civil lawsuit against him for sexual battery, assault and inflicting emotional abuse. 

Wilde has been accused of pushing the public narrative that he had been fired for being combative with herself, Pugh and other people on set. Something he denied along with email evidence of their private communications to back his side of the story shared with Variety Magazine

She then cast her lover, Harry Styles to replace LaBeouf in Don’t Worry Darling and there are unconfirmed reports that their constant PDA on set angered Pugh even further as she deemed the behaviour unprofessional. 

According to E! News, Wilde has dismissed all this as gossip.

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Another controversy linked to the film occurred earlier this year, when Wilde was served custody papers live on stage during CinemaCon in April. It was at this event that she publicly shared the film’s trailer for the first time.

The custody papers were for a dispute between Wilde and her ex-husband, actor Jason Sudekis. 

Don’t Worry Darling is a 2022 American psychological thriller film directed by Olivia Wilde from a screenplay by Katie Silberman, based on a story by Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke and Silberman. 

The film stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll and Chris Pine.

Don’t Worry Darling follows Alice and Jack Chambers (Pugh and Styles)  – a young, happy couple in the 1950s, living in the seemingly perfect company town of Victory, California. 

The town has been created and paid for by the mysterious company for which Jack works. 

Curiosity about the nature of her husband’s work on the secret “Victory Project” begins to consume Alice. Cracks then begin to form in their utopian life as her investigation into the project raises tensions within the community.

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