Cindy Nell-Roberts, Chandré Goosen fight about money

Former Miss South Africa Cindy Nell-Roberts says she is ready for war after she was accused by Mrs South Africa 2020 finalist, Chandré Goosen of misusing funds, raised for her non-profit charity organisation Women4Women.

Nell-Roberts, who is the charity director of the non-profit organisation focused on female empowerment, community upliftment and youth education was ordered by the high court to hand over the financial statements of the organisation to Goosen.

Goosen approached the Western Cape High Court for assistance after Nell-Roberts refused to give up the Women4Women financial records for 2019, 2020 and 2021. She has accused the former Miss South Africa and businesswoman of using money raised for the organisation for personal expenses.

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According to a report by Rapport, Goosen claims that the financial records show that Nell-Roberts used W4W funds to pay school fees of R11,200 and R8,000 for a children’s birthday party. She also claims that Nell-Roberts paid for her personal trainer with money from the charity.

Nell-Roberts has clapped back at these claims, saying that she is tired of defending herself against Goosen’s claims and that if Goosen wants a war she will get one.

“I have stood back until now. At first, I thought I would simply send her all the documents, as she had already done so much damage on social media to put me and W4W in a bad light. I sought legal advice on this so as not to just lie down and appeal against the case,” the socialite said.

Nell-Roberts said Goosen has already put her children’s lives in danger after revealing their school’s name on social media.

“This is personal information. Kidnappings in the country have risen sharply and the information can be used to determine where me and my children are. It is highly disturbing. “

Nell-Roberts says she doesn’t know what Goosen wants from her, adding that Goosen is using her name to get famous.

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“She distorts all the information available to her on social media to get attention. She enjoys every moment of it. She draws circles around bank statements and claims that I use W4W’s money for Uber rides and online video games. W4W is a non-profit organiSation, but we still have to spend money. The Uber rides and other expenses are not for me.”

Nell-Roberts says she has enough of her own money and doesn’t need to take money from W4W.

She did, however, tell Rapport through her legal representative that she did accidentally pay some personal expenses from the W4W account because her banking app loads a standard account, which you physically need to change before doing a payment.

Goosen, who was the public’s choice for Mrs. South Africa last year, but was named Mrs. Charity instead, said she will not put R2 million behind legal costs if it is not for a good cause. “It’s not about the person, it’s about the cause,” she said.

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Goosen says many women have been hurt by this “slave labour” used for the competition to raise money for a charity that is supposed to empower women, but does not.

“If Cindy appeals against the case, it shows she has something to hide.”

Goosen says Cindy can’t blame her for revealing her children’s school’s name.

“If Cindy had not used money from W4W to pay her children’s school fees, the school’s name would not have been known,” she said.

She says there was no need to use Cindy’s name for fame. “Cindy is not everything. I do not want to be like her. I work honestly to take care of my children. I do not abuse other people for my own gain. If you look at how many followers I have on Instagram, there’s no reason why I should use Cindy’s name. I have 242,000 followers and she only has 51,000 followers.”

*Compiled by Xanet Scheepers

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