Chris Dawson pleads not guilty to Lyn Dawson murder

Retired schoolteacher Christopher Dawson, 73, pleads not guilty to the murder of his wife Lyn four decades ago.

Lyn Dawson, a loving mother of two little girls, has not been seen since the early 1980s.

The Crown alleges Christopher Dawson, infatuated with a younger woman, sought a hitman to kill his wife.

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Dawson denies any wrongdoing.

From the team behind The Teacher’s Pet … Hedley Thomas is back with our team of reporters for The Teacher’s Trial, a new weekly podcast from The Australian launching Friday, May 13.

Thomas will be providing background and context while David Murray and Matthew Condon report live from the courtroom.

Live from the courtroom:

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The Teacher’s Trial podcast

Episode 1: Court

Four decades after former star footballer and high school teacher Chris Dawson allegedly murdered his wife Lyn, a murder trial her family feared would never happen has begun. The prosecution revealed that a new witness – a former Newtown Jets team-mate of the accused wife killer – will allege Dawson asked him in 1975 to help ‘get rid’ of Lyn. Dawson strenuously denies wrongdoing. And in the leadup to the trial for the most high profile cold case in Australia’s history, judges gave their verdicts on Dawson’s right to a fair trial in light of The Teacher’s Pet podcast series, the delays of 40 years since Lyn’s disappearance, and the conduct of earlier police investigations.

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