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Since releasing his chart-topping single ‘Last Last’ earlier this year, fans immediately began to speculate that the afro-ballad was about his failed relationship with Stefflon. 

In a recent chat with TT Torrez, the music star was asked about how her relationship with the ‘African Giant’ crooner crashed. 

“You just gonna drop it like that? TT we are not going to talk about it. We were together for two and a half years,” she said. 

The pair had been in the public eye since they started dating. 

In 2020, the rapper had spoken of her admiration for Burna Boy and how the Nigerian megastar told her he wishes to make her his wife. 

The ‘Ye’ singer also admitted that he intends to raise a child with the British singer in a move that fired up their relationship. 

But the relationship hit the rocks along the way, with Burna Boy stating in an interview that he “has no wife” when he was asked about stefflon don. 

During the podcast, stefflon revealed that she was with Burna Boy for two and half years, adding that they broke up about a year ago. 

When asked if she thinks Burna Boy was referring to her on ‘Last Last’, the songstress said he “lied about some of the things he said”. 

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Bruna boy and Stefflon Don’s relationship hit rock bottom in late 2020 after he was accused of cheating on her. 

He was accused of cheating on the British rapper with a lady, Jo Pearl.

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