Bonang offended by nose job claims?

Since the invention of Snapchat, media personality Bonang Matheba has been fond of using filters in some of her social media posts.

It is no secret that the style of cosmetic surgery favoured in Hollywood is influencing filter trends, however, there are those who don’t understand just how realistic these filters are starting to look.

The technology used to create these filters is improving at such a rapid rate that they no longer glitch the way they used to when used to film a video.

Like millions of other social media users around the world, Bonang recently made use of a filter which ended up sparking rumours that she had undergone a “nose job” (rhinoplasty).

Picking up on the chatter, blogger Musa Khawula propagated the rumour and ended up getting Bonang’s attention.

“Rumor has it Bonang Matheba has purchased a new nose,” tweeted Khawula along with a video lifted from her social media accounts.

“You really suck dude,” responded PR and media practitioner Tay Dlamini.

Bonang agreed with Dlamini’s response before joking and insinuating that she would be taking him to court as she has done with others in recent months. 

Bonang Matheba nose job
Bonang Matheba addresses nose job rumours | Picture: Instagram

This was neither a confirmation nor denial about undergoing any cosmetic procedures, however, she issued a cryptic warning in true Bonang Matheba fashion. 

“…I’m all for entertainment journalism, just don’t ruin the fun for everyone. It’s weird.”

Bonang Matheba plastic surgery
Bonang Matheba addresses nose job rumours | Picture: Instagram

Since returning from a lengthy stay in New York, the once-busy Bonang has decreased her interactions and posts on social media.

She also has not done much media-related work, much to the disappointment of her fans who have been begging her to return to television and radio.

Bonang recently travelled to Lagos, Nigeria, where she has been pictured in some stunning outfits, however, it remains unclear what the trip was for.

Her trip comes just as Showmax is gearing up to launch their new Real Housewives franchise with some new faces from Lagos. 

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