Bobby van Jaarsveld queues for water following KZN floods

On Sunday, Bobby van Jaarsveld shared a picture of himself standing next to a water truck with a can of water, following days without water due to the KwaZulu-Natal floods.

“While KZN is flooding with so much water around us, our town has now been without any water for five days and we’re standing in queues to be able to get water,” the father of three wrote in his caption, which he cleverly intertwined with the symbol and celebration of Easter.

“I just realised once again – thank God in Spirit we don’t have to wait in line for the Living Water! We can choose it every day and get it immediately. Thank you for what You’ve done for us. It is all about You,” Bobby said. His sister, Karlien van Jaarsveld commented, saying it’s the physical manifestation of those who are thirsty.

The singer and his family moved down to Ballito not too long ago, and Bobby has been travelling back and forth between the KwaZulu-Natal coast town and Johannesburg for work.

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Apart from losing their water supply indefinitely, it seems that his kids’ teeth are also disappearing at a fast pace.

Had the Easter Bunny been unable to pay the van Jaarsvelds a visit due to the KZN floods, the tooth fairy surely had to make a plan.

In his latest social media post, Bobby poses with his three children and calls it haasbek love.

His social feed is filled with photos of his kids posing with pulled teeth, either at home or somewhere on the beach – his daughter, Armani being the latest of the lot to pull the second of her two front teeth.

“We’re playing a bit, because tomorrow the work starts again and back to Joburg for me. So, I need to charge my batteries before I leave,” he wrote.

Bobby van Jaarsveld is clearly a family man and misses his family terribly when he is working in Joburg. But, he will queue for water if it means he gets to live at the coast, that’s for sure.

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