Bobby van Jaarsveld on his leading role as Stefan in ‘Spoorloos: Die Eiland’

The gripping kykNet television show Spoorloos had audiences riveted to their television screens since the first episode of Season 1 aired on 9 October 2018.

Four years later, audiences still can’t get enough of the drama series, and not only because Afrikaans singing heart throb Bobby van Jaarsveld stars in the leading role.

In the latest season, Spoorloos: Die Eliand, the life of an adventurous architect, Stefan Claassen, is thrown into chaos when a chance meeting with his long-lost love not only rekindles his feelings for her, but draws him into a web of deceit when she goes missing.

After having seen two episodes so far, we are completely invested in Stefan’s dilemma, portrayed by Bobby van Jaarsveld.

This is Van Jaarsveld’s first role in a television drama and speaking to The Citizen, the singer and actor said while he can now finally tick off ‘getting the lead role’ from his bucket list, he would still like to star in a big movie one day where he can portray a serious character.

Van Jaarsveld says when he first auditioned for the role of Stefan Claassen, he didn’t really think that he would get it, but he decided to take the plunge as he wanted to be noticed and considered for roles in big movies and drama television shows.

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He is no stranger to the popular Afrikaans drama series, having watched all the previous seasons.

“I loved every moment of every episode. They way the story is written, how it is filmed and how the actors portray they roles – I’ve just always loved the show,” he said.

On preparing for the role of Stefan Claassen, Van Jaarsveld says he read his script like a novel and tried to put himself in his character’s shoes.

“I think at one stage I actually did become Stefan while preparing for the role.”

The actress who portrays the role of Emma Eloff, Izel Bezuidenhout, is also no stranger to Van Jaarsveld. The two met about twelve years ago when Izel attended one of his music shows and took a photo with him afterwards.

In a million years, she couldn’t have guessed that she will one day star alongside the singer in one of South Africa’s most popular drama television shows.

Van Jaarsveld describes Izel as a talented actress, a very classy, down-to-earth woman with a beautiful heart who helped him tremendously while filming Spoorloos.

With the third episode of Season 4 set to air on Tuesday, 2 August, van Jaarsveld says viewers still have a lot of drama waiting for them.

“There are so many cliff-hangers in Spoorloos and after two episodes – I don’t think anyone watching really has answers to what is going on yet.”

He says while he can’t reveal anything about what to expect, the one thing he can say is that no one will expect the ending or what’s to come in the remaining episodes.

Commenting on whether he would prefer to be a singer or an actor, Van Jaarsveld says music will always be his passion, but he loves acting just as much.

“It’s just too difficult to choose. I love singing, I love acting, I love being on stage and in front of cameras. I would love to do both for the rest of my life.”

Spoorloos: Die Eiland is definitely not the last we will see from the talented Van Jaarsveld. He says there’s a possible big movie on the cards as well as a couple of television roles. He will also be back on stage with new music to wow Afrikaans audiences.

Watch Spoorloos: Die Eiland every Tuesday at 8pm on kykNET (DStv 144) or on Catch-up.  

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