Bobby and Karlien van Jaarsveld become uncle and aunt once more

Bobby and Karlien van Jaarsveld’s sister, Cara who got married in November 2021 has just given birth to a healthy baby girl, making it the 10th grandchild in the family.

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“My words are few and my heart bursts,” wrote Ronel Brink, Bobby, Karlien and Cara’s mother yesterday. “Thank you, Father God, for this new life! Your biggest gift! Life! Healthy 3.3kg. Welcome, Lanah Love.”

The grandmother often congratulated her daughter, Cara and her husband, Dwane on the birth of their little baby girl. “You are going to be the best parents. I just know it.”

Karlien van Jaarsveld commented on her mother’s post – a video of Cara and her daughter – saying: “Our latest baby,” and even Steve Hofmeyr’s wife, Janine congratulated the grandmother on the new addition to their growing family.

“Congratulations, dearest Ronel. What a wonderful and blessed grandmother you are!” Bobby hasn’t said much about becoming an uncle again yet, with his latest news being that he is working hard on set for There’s something about Mary.

In an earlier post, Ronel Brink said: “Today is the day. The day on which we will meet our Lanah at last. O, Cara. Can it be? My child whom I thought would never find a husband because you have such a strong will of your own. And there you found him! A man with a heart of gold who loves and understands you. Thank you, Dwane! My heart rejoices because you are Lanah’s father. And Cara, a mom! Wow! I know you are going to be the best mom she can get.”

Mid-March, Cara shared a photo of a 3D ultrasound on her Instagram feed, saying: “Lanah, my baby daughter, what a roller coaster thus far. Never have the idea of someone or something made me doubt myself so much. Just the idea of you makes me want to cry. If I think about your little face, it feels like a dream. Will I ever be enough for you? That I don’t know. But I promise to give you everything. Only God can make me wise. I love you with literally everything in me.”

Ronel Brink later thanked everyone for their messages and blessings following the birth of her granddaughter, saying they appreciate it.

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