Blackouts loom in energy crisis; investors hope for share market rebound; minimum wage decision due

Coalition senator Matt Canavan has blamed the energy crisis on Australia lacking enough coal or gas power plants.

Speaking to Today, the former Resources Minister said he failed to win the argument while in government to build more coal and gas facilities.

“I’ve been trying to call for us to invest in reliable power for years,” he told Today.

“I’ve tried to call out the fact that if you do not invest in power that can stay on all the time like coal or gas, power stations, you are going to be short of power like we are.”

This is in spite of the energy crisis coming from failures from coal power plants and high prices of gas.

He accused the new Labor government of “putting up the white flag”.

“Chris Bowen has been saying there is nothing he can do,” Canavan said.

“Maybe make sure you’ve got an esky handy in case your power goes out and you need to save some meat out of your fridge.”

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