Balenciaga’s latest sneaker collection is causing a stir for all the wrong reasons

When I saw that Balenciaga was trending on Twitter I already knew that they’ve once again come out with something outrageous, but I certainly wasn’t ready for the hideousness when I came across a post by “Outlander Magazine”.

The tweet shows four images of the sneakers with the caption “New Balenciaga ‘Paris’ Footwear”.

The sneakers literally look like Converse takkies that barely survived a war. Like look, they’ve been thrown in the trash (for good reason), been taken to a dumpsite and then been dug up again. They look like they are beyond any hope of restoration.

While they might look like trash, they are in fact brand new. Fresh off the production line. Yes, they went out of their way to create trashy “distressed” sneakers.

Tweeps have called out the luxury fashion brand and referred to the collection as a “social experiment”.

“Balenciaga is just a social experiment to see how dumb rich folk really is,” said @NyikoChuma.

LFCMIKE11 echoed that thought, saying: “No one can tell me Balenciaga isn’t a social experiment to see what sh*te people will buy just cus it’s expensive and designer.”

@ideservecouture commented: “Balenciaga said ‘This season we broke.’”

They look like they should be handed out for free, but they actually come with a hefty price tag. These trashy sneakers will set you back $625 (about R10k).

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